Sacred Hunt

Drought, Living Beyond our Means and Return of the Sacred Hunt


Does anyone remember cloud seeding? There was mention of it in the 1980’s, about the time the “El Nino” phenomenon was labeled. Spraying clouds with particles of silver iodide to bring rain, weather manipulation, before HARP and chemtrails, the weather never quite seemed the same after that here in Southern California.


One cannot help but wonder how this whole California “drought” plays into this. I am not disputing the fact we are bone dry. I have spent enough time in California’s wild places and know her rhythms when water runs scarce. You spend 50 years in a place exploring coastal regions, marshes, deserts, canyons, mountains and get a feel for flora, fauna and the balance Pachamama keeps.


Considering the debenture our culture incurs, from the personal and family level, all the way up to governments, it is easy to see the environmental conditions echoing through our bankrupt, contrived and drought-ridden human ways.


Does anyone know when they are full or have had enough anymore?


A flood of documentaries are making waves, bringing sorely needed reality to an electronically and chemically castrated public. They say what “Blackfish” has done to bring awareness to the plight of captive orcas, “Cowspiracy” will awaken to what large scale agriculture and the dairy/cattle industry drives here in California.


While the public will soon face fines for excessive water usage, billions of gallons are used to produce alfalfa/beef/dairy. No limits seem to be enforced on certain big businesses here in California; makes one wonder about too many things – seems water rights/land grab for big business the California drought has created.


Why have humans allowed this precious planet to be prostituted to the highest bidder?  Why do precious animals that live in a harmony of service to an avarice race that never fills its hunger, suffer such wanton exploitation of womb and life giving goodness?


This goes way beyond our infantile wrong or right, or whatever bullshit our ego driven false “higher self” contrives.


We just celebrated Mothers Day; did anyone stop to thank all the animals that give so freely of their own children to feed human masses? Or have we become so full of hubris we just assume it is our right somehow? How have we forgotten the sacred hunt?


This isn’t about righteous indignation; it is about owning our predation. For something to live, something must die – all nature knows this, except the two-legged that falsely set themselves above all life, to somehow justify exploiting it.


In homeopathy, remedy selection will include cravings, some may desire milk, meat, spicy things, sour things – the list goes on and on. There are also aversions, to all of the above and then some. Taking this into consideration, the driving miasm and more, one can see a deeper web that sustains and drives an individual. Certainly one that has an aversion to meat will have an easier time taking this off the menu, than an individual which craves meat. This isn’t about the wrong or the right, rather, what drives us, runs so much deeper.


The sheer masses and rivers of blood spilled to sustain our desires. The conditions these creatures are raised and treated need scrupulous examination. Recent abuses at an animal research facility in the US beckon a very intense autopsy and composting of our need to exploit life. As we do to the web, we do to ourselves. We throw our own babies into the meat grinder of war, to fight a contrived battle a mouth piece in a suit won’t.


Slaughter house floors full of unborn calves ripped from their mothers’ wombs, to be used in vaccine production – and from this torture we really expect a cure?


Cess pools of waste and rivers of blood from factory farms, where animals spend a horrific life to be ended by the butchers’ knife, disconnected masses line up to share in the tainted feast – and wonder why their health fails.


How have we forgotten the sacred hunt? The fasting, the prayer, the preparation to receive the gift another life gave (be it plant or animal). The owning of our predation, not the phony Nat. Mur. version, giving herself a happy truth because she cannot bear the murkiness of her own emotions, but rather a Sepia type of balance, where one knows the spoke in the wheel one is and Holy owns the spectrum of power, with no need to prove anything anymore. Life just is.


Our physiology does not lie, eyes forward, shoulders locked, our predatory stance, no matter how vegan or what other label we wear, all creatures preyed upon know our bluff when we dare to bear our true, naked self, the body, unlike the our mouth, never lies.


Owning our predation; a lesson brought so many times before, if one is a guardian to a pet, at some point, one will need to make the decision to kill the very being we love so (we call it euthanasia). That is part of our nature, pet guardianship and life. Creatures know this so much better than we; the closing of a life; the birth of a spirit. Having been the doula at both ends of many lives, it is a process seared in my way of being. Life just is.


The death song, I hear it a year before a being is to pass. I heard it as a child, it never lies, though, the human part of me wishes it would. Our ultimate test, death of all the false “god-like self”, giving way to the true, knowing and powerful being we were meant to be, stripped of such foibles.


This is the place from which to start your sacred hunt. It really does not need to buy into all this contrived junk we are fed, from the spirit to the physical level. It is strong enough to walk away from torture billed as cure, food, training or anything else. All you need is within you; your cure does not come from outside yourself. But there is no money in that is there? Another false idol falls.


Nature and peace within you is the greatest healer and holds what is needed. All life will be safer once we remember this. Nature has never denied Her bounty, even in drought years. If we continue to exploit and destroy Her, we destroy ourselves. That power is within all of us.


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  1. Well conveyed my dear…we all, and it all connects to the other. Nothing is in isolation or separation from our existence and Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. Let us please be awakened and mindful that for every action a consequence whether perceived good or bad results, each deserving of serious contemplation involving profound gratitude, empathy, and compassion.

  2. “Owning Our Predation” – This is a beautiful and powerful piece, one that speaks of a truth that most of us aren’t willing to see. But we have to. I understand the sadness and overwhelm one can feel from witnessing the truth; I understand falling into blindness repeatedly because the truth can seem daunting. But once we *do* see, the vision continues to bubble up, thank goodness. I welcome that bubbling that often results in a tight throat or trickling tears or a pounding chest … I want to continue to see, feel, and rise into a confidence to walk the talk into healing self, all creature beings, Gaia. May we each get up when we fall. (((LOVE))) Thank you, Renate. _/\_

  3. Such an interesting article with much we need to go and be with, allowing the teaching to sink into us. I have had profound teachings from Farm Animals that have literally blown me away. For a while now I have had to take a big step back away from thinking what is right. I wrote an article you may be interested in reading that went into the Species Link magazine. It is a story from the animals about The Sacred Contract and follows beautifully from your article here. I believe we are touching something powerful with this discussion;

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