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I love homeopathy, because it saved my life. My body never handled allopathic medications well; the symptoms stayed, along with a new layer the side effects the medications evoked in my body. This set me on my path, deepening original methods of healing inspired by the herbal wisdom my mother passed down. When an enlightening bout with cancer visited me in 2005, my work was taken to a new level and continues to evolve.

I love homeopathy, because one embarks on the most incredible learning journey; the healing secrets of the energetic components of every substance on this planet, everything is a clue, every substance can be curative. The structure initiated by the mineral realm, the sensitivity of plants, the competitiveness of the animal realm and the liberation of stuck, deep miasmic states the nosodes (made from disease tissue) bring.

I love how over 200 hundred years ago, before the germ theory, x-rays and more, Samuel Hahnemann (1755 – 1843) could not bring himself to conspire the barbaric healing practices of his time and found the strength to stand in his convictions to bring us the healing gift of homeopathy. Yes, he cured many, even in epidemics, it’s never the germ, virus, or whatever else blamed – only the disharmony of the vital force that allows illness to grab hold.

By transcribing healing texts of old, he laid a solid foundation of healing principles; like cures like (law of similars), the single remedy, the minimum dose (the least amount of healing remedy to initiate cure and giving that remedy time to unravel bodily insults), treating the whole being, taking sensitivities and susceptibilities into account of the entire healing picture.

Later Constantine Herring gave us astute observations of the laws of cure, symptoms move from within to without (skin eruptions are a great sign to a homeopath as centrifugal healing emanates from the core to the surface), healing also clears from above downwards, from the head to the feet and that symptoms will clear in reverse order of their origin.

Miasms (generational taints seeking resolution because of suppressive means of quelling diseases – a corruption to the hard-drive if you will) are of important consideration as well. In days of old, harsh means of curing disease may have cleared symptoms, much like modern medications, but the originating disease state was pushed deeper into the body, being passed generation to generation. This is suppression, when physical symptoms are better, but the emotional and mental spheres worsen – given the rise in anti-depressant drugs, this observation clearly speaks for itself. Miasmic influence is an endless study; they greatly contribute too many harmful behaviors. A being is completely unaware of the harm, it mistakes for help.

The remedies themselves are made of highly diluted, succussed (shaken) and triturated substances. Modern methods of testing are just now beginning to find trace evidence of the substances in the remedies. It is in the succussion of the remedy that liberates its energetic print and thus initiates healing from a very deep level outward. In homeopathy the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical symptoms are all taken into account; though the named disease maybe shared by many individuals, no two will need the same remedy. It is a very considerate, individualized and personal form of healing. Its enigmatic nature causes controversy, as its action cannot be explained by modern methods of testing, but those employing homeopathy in farm and field know that the land, fauna and the body cannot lie – it will respond to the correctly chosen remedy.

The healing texts of old turn of the century homeopathic doctors are amazing to read. Dr. Eli G. Jones (1911) describes cases of cancer (uterine) cured by his homeopathic and herbal talents. “I have never used a speculum in examining cases of this kind. It causes the patient much pain and unnecessary suffering”. Such old time doctors had a reverence for the body and psyche, treating life with a respect rarely seen in modern times. Ironically enough, the very contributors Dr. Jones mentions as causes of cancer in this timeless book (stress, vaccines, increased meat consumption and more), are still very much in play in modern times, perhaps more so given the toxins that come with modern conveniences. Humanity seeks outside itself something there are very deep, internal restorations for.

The remedies are tested or “proven” on only healthy individuals. That is the only way a true curative picture can form of any “medicine” tested. Once one is experimenting on “diseased” individuals, the vital force is already deranged, leaving the well meaning but short-sighted chasing shadows that will leave yet another taint to be dealt with down the line.

Homeopathy survives as an empowering gift and in many countries is a preferred method of healing because of its efficiency; the dilutions are environmental conscious as a little goes a long way and small vials make for ease of travel to remote areas or those places that have suffered natural disasters.

This ease of use makes homeopathy an obvious favorite with wildlife rehabbers as the aqueous dilutions make for simple application to wild beings that will need a minimal amount of handling to get well and return to their “wild” states.

Homeopathy has also been a gift to many lay practitioners through the years, that have provided healing and comfort through generations. Hahnemanns’ second wife Melanie was the first woman lay practitioner of homeopathy, empowering women to reclaim their original birthright as healers and provide a considerate and complimentary form of healing to the life bearing process and the initiating childhood illnesses that liberate the immune system. Many of these women allayed the ills of their own families and their communities, a very empowering gift at a time when women were often treated as chattel.

There are many different ways homeopaths use homeopathy. No doubt the body encounters many more challenges in a toxic planet than at the time of Hahnemann, still the remedies mend. Many find combination remedies available at health food stores as an introduction to homeopathy; others find the relief that certain remedies have an affinity for acute conditions. For the deepest healing and in cases of chronic disease; consideration should be given to proper case taking with an experienced homeopath. Our remedies have varied and fine tuned expressions that only time and many years experience gives. True healing deserves such time and respect, something sorely lacking in the rush of modern life. Every body is worthy of such consideration.

The remedies should not be used everyday (exceptions are LM potencies or other very specific conditions). We are a society that is born addicted and manage energy (even our own) very poorly. The remedies are meant to support body systems and bring about healing, they are not a crutch. Some bodies will need more supportive repetitions; this will depend on individual expressions of illness and many other factors. Less compensated beings will respond very quickly with minimal support.

Homeopathy offers liberation of stuck states that break the body down. It initiates freedom to tap the bodies’ deep reserves of healing and navigate the stress this world offers tempering too. It is a truly remarkable form of healing.


 This is a site dedicated to safely and consciously explore the healing ability of animals and Nature. A place to escape the din of the modern world, a place to re-connect with Ancient Knowing.

It will challenge much pre-programmed learning, as the chaos settles, a more equitable respect prevails.

Penny (she keeps watch over the site), had a look that could rewire a person’s economy. She had a grace about her that made the barn a “no bullshit zone”. With a cool sense of self mastery she taught many the empowerment of working from noble motives.

This site is in honor of her and all the other great and noble spirits that share their wisdom here. Contemplative discussion is welcomed.

All information is for educational purpose, consult your health care professional.

Wishing you all the best in health, Renate

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