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First off, I want to welcome new readers. It’s been a little over a year and a half since I set up the website; it is a place to share experience and original healing. I enjoy your thoughts and comments. Aside from folks wanting to know more about original healing methods, surprising to me, there are quite a few inquiries about tips on writing. So here is a bit how I came about spinning the stories I write about.

Professionally, years ago, I designed and taught the “Horse Course” at Los Angeles Harbor College. I have studied several variations of the Bowen Technique, several forms of Energy Work, herbs, flower essences, essential oils and most dear to my heart, homeopathy. Much of this life experience is shared here.

 I write to purge thoughts/life experience, for myself, this is extremely healing. Some folks find usefulness in my writing, the homeopathic community in particular. You all have been a life saver in more ways than you know! We homeopaths get to study the essence of mineral, plant, animal, pathogens on an energetic level, this leads to something quite wonderful and inexplicable many outside this art will never fully appreciate. The unending study of miasmic influence gives us insight into hidden human tendencies equally buried. You all get this and have encouraged my expression. Deepest thanks.

Timeless storytelling shares experience that resonates. I spend much time in the presence of Nature and creatures, a very un-compensated state compared to most humans. I have odd expressions as ancient, silent communication is difficult to translate into limited human words, let alone the human race pin-hole perception/understanding/interpretation.

I tend to write in convoluted sentence structure. This is deliberate, to slow the reader down, as are odd words, sometimes taken as mistakes. I call these “refractors”, they are very intentional and carefully selected to slow the reader down, perhaps even stop you, break the flow and cause your knowing to grow in directions not considered. These can open the energy field (I consider the mind/energy field the same thing – different from the intellect) to greater wisdom. In this way, words can be used as a homeopathic remedy, causing a disturbance, leading to prudence of thought and action. If one is sensitive enough, you can sense/see the refraction bouncing through the energy field. This is something the creatures taught me. I don’t know how else to explain it.

This concept came from countless healing consults with clients (domestic/wildlife and human) on their homeopathic healing journeys. Before this phase of my life, the idea of “refractors” came from rehabilitating so called “problem horses”, most of which suffered body pain and were in desperate need of working new thought and body movement patterns, shifting away from our pre-programmed, linear thought and robotic/reactive action.

The results are eloquence in perception and movement, for both man and beast, as the thought process and the body are liberated to explore new circular circuitry venues, free of compensation, restoring motion, settling in peaceful mental/emotional capacity.

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