Life After Deep Grief

Reverse Piskie hugs

Reverse Piskie hugs

Sitting in the deepest grief. Something humans are not good at.

I am no stranger to grief. It is a life event where “positive” is hard to find.

For me, its the deepest void, the most desolate, deserted feeling, even in a bustling city brimming with humanity.

This un-comfortable-ness should be felt, it honors all that encompasses the life passed.

How does one even begin to describe such “love”? A love some consider “verimin”?

How does one put into words the precious gift each element, plant and being brings to this glorious planet? Volumes lost with each passing – or is it?

I’d like to believe nothing is lost to those that feel deeply, fully, free from fear. Negative, maybe, toxic, never.

Just owning both ends of the spectrum and everything in-between. Just as the Piskies taught me.

I would never want to take a wild being and turn them into the caged creature we humans have become. A scared and addicted pansy, unable to sit in any feeling society programmed “uncomfortable”.

A weaken world humans have made and sometimes, some beings ally and we are forever changed.

Through sitting in grief – human family, creature family, planet family and with the glorious freedom of soul Homeopathy provides, profound breakthroughs find you on the other side of sinking in deep grief and despair.

Glorious dawnings emerge from such dank soul journeys. New life, new being, new experience is born emerges and merges.

The beautiful holograph of life and all its swirling, spiraling layers and patterns meld to amalgamated soul knowing.

The Soul is lifted and ready to live boldly – like Piskies always know.

How blessed I was to have this dance Dear Piskies, forever in my soul, in the Book of Life, it has no end…


This is how we Live beyond grief, a bit more fully than we did before.

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