With dark and hollow eyes they seek recall, but answers won’t come.

The seeds of delusion planted long ago, not as modern medicine knows delusion, but as homeopathy knows delusion, the fracture, the strain, that caused lifes’ perception to fragment through circumstance. The crisis gone, but the inappropriate reaction remains, it can even be passed to future generations. An example would be children born to parents whose minds have been rend by war, the threat is gone, but the hurried, clandestine, guilt and fear ridden patterns become a new norm for the family, generations far removed from the initial wounding. Cloaking with alcohol and drugs does not help.

While modern health experts quibble over various degrees of forgetfulness – what is simple mind fog, senility, dementia? It seems to have become a variation/barometer to yet add another layer of medication, more chemical restraints to a mind/soul disappearing into its own complexity.

Behind the fractured delusion, ego vies for reconciliation via toxins, medications, addictions and more, adding another slathered layer for self to hide behind. Dead food void of the dense nutrition needed by the brain and nervous system, do nothing to aid those falling into the depths of dementia.

The seeds of delusion planted so long ago, most know not who they are, losing oneself even further is an easy stumble, and no one is above its grasp. Loss of position, health, or such, the fall begins. The more chemically burdened the being, the deader the food supply, the quicker the landslide.

Some suffer through unimaginable confusion, in our tech immersed world; some can no longer differentiate tv from reality, forgetting familiar streets, names, all rubrics to some of our beloved homeopathic remedies. The sooner these signs are nipped in the bud, the better. Diet changes to nutrient dense foods that feed an exhausted brain/nervous system will help greatly. A life long hobby/art will also keep the soul from slipping into the abyss.

The cleaner/organic and more plant based the food source is from conventional agriculture chemicals, the better. Re-establish health gut flora with pre and pro biotic rich foods, mineral and essential fatty acids foods as well. Herbs like Ginko, Avena Sativa, Huperzia Serata have affinity for brain function, Skullcap soothes the fried nervous system that resorts to surliness as faculties fade, easing the job of those caretaking. What gifts Nature still gives.

For some, help comes too late, or staves off the inevitable at best, for a little while. It is a very strange web humans have weaved…sulfuric ego driven dreams become a nightmare when the whole is left unconsidered. Human denial seems our race favorite bed to hide under as the weight of consequence squeezes our delusion along with life circumstance that seek reconciliation.

Awareness, always the start of healing; acting on awareness the second key step, many no longer have the fire for follow through, and the addictive chemicals allure will bring about the fall.

This landslide has been in the making for generations, hardly anyone noticed…


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  1. I do trust all of the ideas you have introduced in your post. They’re very convincing and will definitely work. Still, the posts are too quick for newbies. Could you please prolong them a little from subsequent time? Thanks for the post.

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