Fire Cleanse


Smoke filled skies

Driving through a surreal, charred, moonscape; Santa Ana Devil Winds buffet the vehicle around, the billowing smoke and blowing sand make it difficult to see. Familiar barns seared to the ground, burned-out buildings with just a few remaining skeletal walls stand like haunted sentinels to a war that levels the landscape grey, desolate and foreboding. This fire is unlike any other I have ever seen in all my decades living in Southern California…

 It is recorded when Spaniards came to California, the indigenous peoples kept the landscape ablaze in controlled burns (known as Traditional Environmental Knowledge). Much like a cold or flu keeps the body clear of deeper and more complex health issues. By burning dross, the land was kept in balance by the original peoples that lived eons in harmonium with their nurturer. Will we ever return to such mindful knowing living in the land modern man stole?

The micro reflects the macro.

Fast forward a short few hundred years, suppressive means by a well meaning, yet unknowing race, and fires rage of epic proportion, something never before witnessed in decades of living in one place – till this present moment.

Economic divides, ideal divides, all incinerate to ash as unprecedented fires annihilate, without seeming reason, prejudice nor conscious; discrepancy seeking balance via a fiery cleanse. The Devil Winds whipping erratic tornadoes of flame, vortexes of hell, we really need no tales of evil or good, we have always held the power in our own hands, misguided as it is, when we neglect the whole and wisdom of ancients.

Evacuations common place, life spared, but the stress of the “condition” is inescapable. Grateful to the gifts homeopathy offers, to ease the stress, trauma, breathing issues, burns and more. But this is not a life sustaining mode. Officials tell us this will be the new norm. All ready there is talk of home insurance rates rising – because the cost of living here isn’t high enough.

Whether the cause is narrowed down to homeless trying to keep warm, fogged actions of those addicted, a car crash, downed power lines or whatever human folly bears the finger of blame, the results end in the same obliterating, seething fire storm. In many instances, there isn’t even time to run. It bears repeating, this is not a life sustaining mode.

Firefighters often run out of water, or the winds are so fierce, the water vaporizes, the fire rages on. When these scenes play out, it is reminiscent of some cases people bring you after all caustic allopathic means exhaust, and our most beloved remedies cannot do their magic, because there is no more vital force, singed by caustic drugs, leaving unchecked miasms to complete their task. The feeling of impotence noted, this is not a life sustaining mode.

The battered carry on, firefighters and civilians alike; weary, carried by the grace of others, in so many ways; whether mass shootings, killer flood or fire, officials tell us “this is the new norm”. Bullshit.

If modern man’s suppressive ways are really working, we should not be told to expect this to be the new norm. Many shortsighted decisions led masses of humanity to this grievous place. Whether it be “preventative care” that blooms to life epic health crisis leaving many cowering to be without “health insurance”, wars on “whatever the named evil is” that lead to hometown shootings in churches and concerts, covering the natural world in concrete corsets’ so the land can no longer breathe to Her wisdom, humanity needs to take great pause from its so called “knowledge”. Please let it be high time for folks to grow into a place a wider viewpoint, to implement the wisdom of Original peoples, acknowledging their land we stole, and set aside our pinhole, self serving perceptions that got us here. No one implementing suppressive means with such devastating results has any right to tell others what life will be, at least get out of the way and allow beings with greater respect for the whole a shot. As a collective, we owe life that much.

Rebuild, with greater consideration for the land, all She needs to sustain, each other and the flora and fauna involved. It is possible when the micro and macro sync, rooting deeply into Earth’s ancient ways entwined like a roots of a tree, branches ascending to all knowing celestial heights.  This may just reflect back a more tranquil scenario, rather than our inflammatory, war-driven mentality these inferno scenes of destruction mirror.

Future generations deserve that much. In fact, we owe it to them.

The Thomas fire is not expected to be contained till after the New Year. I have come to believe containment means it just burned itself out. This fire will most likely burn well over a month and displace many.