Laborwknd2011 050

Does she remember a time, when her feet walked in grace, dancing in tune with the planets and stars? Her body cleansing in time with the moon, not a curse as dogma instills, rather a refinement to honor the miracle of life she carries, nurtures and bears.

Healing waters, fertile soils and plants whispered their gifts to her during this time; Her time for introspection, contemplation, deeper communion with the Great Mother and mystery that sustains. Her body did not know the pains our bodies now know. The planet was pure/honored and Her gifts not exploited, unburdened by toxins and not muzzled by faulty dogmatic programming. She was free to own and employ her endowed emotional intelligence and intuition, knowing plants that called healing to ailing bodies. Not a witch, not harmed for following Her knowing. Later indoctrinations would seek to harness and restrain the potency of this beautifully divine creature…we slowly crawl back to our completeness.

Does she remember the day her body changed forever? The initiations to adulthood begun, the carefree innocence that should be childhood fades. Bodies now entering this state earlier and earlier, as estrogen mimicking toxins fill the earth.

One senses the change in young ladies early on. The day the “forgetting of self” hormone (estrogen sometimes referred to as the “doormat” hormone) begins its mutations. In an environment flooded with xeno-estrogens changes affect not only the course of women’s bodies and lives, but that of mans as well, we will never really know the full extent tampering with such subtle glandular systems bring.

Does she remember a time when her yet to be born child would sing to her? When the child in spirit would tell her of the divine male that would bring this life about? Can she remember a time when only joy preceded such a moment and not the fear that now clouds the future of beings born? What a miracle to be conceived in a state of wanting, joyful anticipation, without a hint of fear, dread or possibly rejection from either parent? Can you imagine the fortitude this embeds the child?

The babe had a voice before conception, the babe initiates cleansing of the mothers body. The purging of toxins inspires a clean vessel for growth (morning sickness). The babe was given consideration, all blessed mid-wives know, the babe picks the day of its birth. A gift now denied to many a babes, cesareans, whether for convenience or necessity deny the babe the birthright of being flooded with the protective flora needed to grow strong and the struggle down the birth canal preparing one for life’s trials. How early on modern convenience robs our fortitude, most have no clue.

Some babes’ harvested, hearts beating, from the womb, for research, body parts – a race called human exculpates with “reason”. Someone somewhere needs such research to “live”…

Does She remember a time, should the babe survive modern hurdles, when simple food was nourishing and life giving. Satisfying the need of growing bodies, not hijacked at the most cellular level by genetic and chemical means, which lead to premature illness and death.

She that buries her babes, whether 2 legged, or other beings nurtured, has faced Her worst fear. She was given no choice but to be fierce and strong.

She has won the fortitude and grace to blossom to maturity those broken by addiction, war and other modern worldly ills. She can take the broken pieces of earths children and grow them into knowing, weaned beings…strange the winged, scaled, four-footed take to this gift more so than the 2 legged.

This is the world we made. This is the soundness She breeds and nurtures. There is nothing left to fear. She is the Great Mother.