Inquiries About Writing

First off, I want to welcome new readers. It’s been a little over a year and a half since I set up the website; it is a place to share experience and original healing. I enjoy your thoughts and comments. Aside from folks wanting to know more about original healing methods, surprising to me, there are quite a few inquiries about tips on writing. So here is a bit how I came about spinning the stories I write about.

Professionally, years ago, I designed and taught the “Horse Course” at Los Angeles Harbor College. I have studied several variations of the Bowen Technique, several forms of Energy Work, herbs, flower essences, essential oils and most dear to my heart, homeopathy. Much of this life experience is shared here.

 I write to purge thoughts/life experience, for myself, this is extremely healing. Some folks find usefulness in my writing, the homeopathic community in particular. You all have been a life saver in more ways than you know! We homeopaths get to study the essence of mineral, plant, animal, pathogens on an energetic level, this leads to something quite wonderful and inexplicable many outside this art will never fully appreciate. The unending study of miasmic influence gives us insight into hidden human tendencies equally buried. You all get this and have encouraged my expression. Deepest thanks.

Timeless storytelling shares experience that resonates. I spend much time in the presence of Nature and creatures, a very un-compensated state compared to most humans. I have odd expressions as ancient, silent communication is difficult to translate into limited human words, let alone the human race pin-hole perception/understanding/interpretation.

I tend to write in convoluted sentence structure. This is deliberate, to slow the reader down, as are odd words, sometimes taken as mistakes. I call these “refractors”, they are very intentional and carefully selected to slow the reader down, perhaps even stop you, break the flow and cause your knowing to grow in directions not considered. These can open the energy field (I consider the mind/energy field the same thing – different from the intellect) to greater wisdom. In this way, words can be used as a homeopathic remedy, causing a disturbance, leading to prudence of thought and action. If one is sensitive enough, you can sense/see the refraction bouncing through the energy field. This is something the creatures taught me. I don’t know how else to explain it.

This concept came from countless healing consults with clients (domestic/wildlife and human) on their homeopathic healing journeys. Before this phase of my life, the idea of “refractors” came from rehabilitating so called “problem horses”, most of which suffered body pain and were in desperate need of working new thought and body movement patterns, shifting away from our pre-programmed, linear thought and robotic/reactive action.

The results are eloquence in perception and movement, for both man and beast, as the thought process and the body are liberated to explore new circular circuitry venues, free of compensation, restoring motion, settling in peaceful mental/emotional capacity.

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Creating Cancer – Creativity Killed by the Cancer Miasm  

For educational purpose only, consult with your health practitioner.

 Cancer – the word alone for us humans can impart a very terrified and gloomy outlook, but should that word be given such power?

This blog will examine the mental/emotional aspects that feed cancer. This angle of treating cancer is often neglected in conventional treatments (as is proper nutrition/lifestyle), treating the body as if it’s a machine (an aspect of the cancer miasm). Acknowledging this feature is hugely important to set the being free of this created stockade.

Most homeopaths recognize 5 main miasms (taints left over by diseases thought to be cured by modern means), though many more exist. They are Psora (itch – lack of reaction/Mother of all disease), Sycotic (Medorhium – excessive reaction), Syphilitic (Syphilis – destructive reaction), Tubercular (Changeable/restless reaction), all these miasms are thought by some homeopaths to converge into the cancer maism (creativity killed, the life unlived). The excessive and secretive ways of the sycotic miasm coupled the destructive aspects of the syphilitic miasms combine to exploit those who exhibit the servitude facets of the tubercular and cancer miasms. This is a very condensed version of concepts that have extensive ramifications and takes years to wrap ones’ tiny mind around.

Hahnemann became aware of miasms as an obstacle to cure refining his gift of homeopathy. To me, miasms seem a refinement from the Algonquin peoples concept of wetiko, a stain in the thought process, which takes on viral-like qualities, causing a being to forget its place among the “whole”, this lack of consideration manifests in action that mistakes harm for good.


*   *   *

As a base reference point, get lost in the wonder of the 30 trillion cells in the human body, orchestrating symbiosis, working in harmony, regulating proliferation, in co-operation with cells close by, digestion, immune system, lymph, blood and more keeping the body balanced, informed and functioning – the miracle of life we take for granted every moment, of everyday – till illness pauses our oblivion to the preciousness of life and its innate, orchestrated harmony.

Enter the corrupt signal, it is holographic, spanning generations, certain cells fail to heed the call for symbiosis of the whole, following instead, their own un-fulfilled scheme. They travel the body, escaping controls of tuned immune system. Metastasis, cellular chaos and possibly death ensues as cellular die off suffocates a clogged, stagnant, toxic and unexpressed system.

The seeds planted long ago, generations of over-anxious, over-bearing and over-protective parents/grandparents inflicting upon the child their strict and structured angst, seizing from the child the ability to adapt gracefully with naturally occurring change.

An un-natural conditioning occurs in the child, especially that of suppressing emotions/expression; ignoring feelings, responding in mechanized, detached manner, withdrawing into feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, guilt – a feeling that what the little one is faced with is too daunting to undertake (often found in alcoholic/addictive dynamics), perfection implied as the highest standard, yet it is neither practical, reachable, nor is it sensible in our human foible form. Making peace with our human flaws and learning to love that aspect of self will go far in mitigating damage rather than ego facades, ignoring or denial.

Modern medical prophylactic means exploit this need to show “perfection” on a physical level, suppressive anti-biotics, steroids, vaccines, etc., hush the bodies’ response to internal conflict – don’t show a symptom, not a sniffle, cough, skin eruption, etc. Put on the brave face and pretend nothing is wrong. The problem is the body cannot lie, it goes deeper, stuffed. The implied standard of perfection, eludes, but is strived for just the same, at great expense to mind, body and soul. The body creates lumps, tumors, cancers to cope, it is a survival mechanism.

From the compensated states of withdrawal and an unrealistic image of “perfection”, one observes these beings slipping further and further into a state of “inability to self advocate”. A silent suffering that broods, a throat center so blocked, they often have nothing to say, even when enduring unbearable loads, teeth grinding is not uncommon – wearing away at the bodies stoutest tissue, clamped unable to say shit, even with a mouth full of it.

If this state isn’t/cannot be liberated the survival instinct morphs into the delusion of martyrdom, an illusion society and dogma often erroneously elevate to some sort of holy standard to endure. This state is greatly exploited by many in our self-centered world, creating an individual ripe for silenced abuse.

What we know as the Cancer Miasm in homeopathy is fed on so many levels, it will be a very difficult entity to “cure”, without addressing such subterranean concepts society uplifts. These deeply imbedded miasmic patterns of operation (wetiko) are so hidden, they seem “normal”. They cause harm to be mistaken for good.

This delusion of martyrdom and inability to express kills creativity, the very thing this glorious planet called us into existence for. This concept has huge ramifications as we will see. Cancer is the life unlived.

Homeopathy is the only modality to my knowledge, which studies disease history. It recognizes diseased states as one would know a person, each having personality, traits, ways of movement, and more. In homeopathy we know modern medicine has not healed certain diseases of the past, it merely changed their expression, from the physical manifestation to deeper mental and emotional signatures (this is why the rise in anti-depressant drugs and their suicidal side-effects).

For this reason, homeopaths understand named diseases of old have not been eradicated, and when they resurface (or are re-named), they do so with a vengeance, evading “cures” that were previously thought fool proof, because the miasmic taint was never addressed, lifted, reconciled. It was just told to shut up in a shell of alleviating symptoms at the expense of the mental and emotional well being – this is the definition of suppression by homeopathic standards.

Certain physical traits will also be a tell. When “proving” nosodes (a remedy made of diseased tissue) a picture develops of the disease characteristics, much like a person, themes, traits, expressions and more all part of the picture (patterns of disease expression). Everything discussed in these pages is but a mere wisp to all considered in the dynamic expression of any disease, so faceted and complex are the variations from being to being.

Detailed case taking allows the homeopath to explore the constitutional remedy of a being, and more importantly the driving miasm that the correct remedy, and possibly an intercurrent nosode remedy will resolve, an art many have spent a great deal of time, effort and means to master. It is nano-medicine, we are listening to very detailed individual manifestation/expression. The body is doing an amazing attempt to survive, liberating these “soul stuck states”, allows a being to thrive.

Killed Creativity and the Life Unlived

 I have been blessed with an odd ability to astutely observe wildlife areas in many places surrounding Los Angeles for decades (LA is rich in micro-climates, marshes, canyons, mountains, deserts). These places also have generations of wildlife that have been released after rehabbing, on occasion, visits from these little creatures give great pleasure as well as insights to the health of soil, flora and fauna. Just like our bodies, the environment cannot lie, one reflects the other.

At one time, vast expanses of marshland covered coastal regions of Southern California, from Ballona Creek down past Huntington Beach. These acted like a soothing buffer and filter for our varied landscape, beach, to marsh, to inland valleys, canyons, mountains and finally deserts. Now covered in concrete suburbia, the economy of the land has changed in the decades since I have lived here. Desert-like landscaping, now common in “drought friendly” gardens give the summer heat a convection-like oven feel. Such are the follies of “progress” when we don’t recall/honor the original blueprint.

The area where my horses are kept neighbors a reservoir. At one time, native grasses, herbs and shrubs grew. These provided a great deal of food for migratory creatures as well as the locals. Unknown at the time, it had a wonderful cooling effect when summer temperatures made the canyon sizzle, thanks to this lush growth.

In recent years, cities and public/private entities began to spray large areas with Roundup (glyphosate) so that later when fire season starts, weed abatement is not necessary. This has resulted in vast areas of “dead zones” as year after year, the glyphosate is sprayed, killing natures attempt at creation.

Interesting to note, if only used once, a very distinct growth pattern follows of healing plants that restore the land. Generally one sturdy plant, seen in a monochromatic way, grows in abundance, beginning to heal the land (much like after fires). Also of note – animals do not live on this land while the plants to do their healing, nor do they eat these plants or their seeds.

In years that follow, more plants join the healing process. The plants vary from micro- climate to micro-climate. It is a process only they know. Depending on the strength of the soil, it can take  4  to 6 years for seasonally varied, full foliage to return, as it  does, so does the animal life. Some organic farming practices have variations of this “crop rotation” to clear land sprayed with glyphosate, the crop is destroyed till tests show the land “cleared” of this poison. If the land is continually sprayed dead zones and super weeds emerge.

Glyphosate’s use causes plants to wither and dry, it is a desiccant (it is also used to “dry” certain food crops). In addition, this substance disrupts the soils ability to function as a living organism, killing off its “friendly bacteria” (likewise killing good gut bacteria). Glyphosate disables a beings’ cellular pathways to uptake minerals – soil, plants, animals and humans. Everything up the food chain, from the soil on, will equally be affected by malnutrition. As glyphosate kills good bacteria in the soil and inhibits uptake of needed minerals, it does so in the bodies that consume this poison, compounding damage as up the food chain it goes.

Its prevalent use in food production has been wreaking havoc – particularly livestock, forced to eat this tainted fodder. Many of us spending decades in the animal related industries have noted a flood of health issues, endocrine imbalances, digestive issues, kidney malfunction and much more; this was not seen prior to the introduction of GMO/glyphosate feeds. The dominos are now starting to fall for humans; we are up the food chain and health is failing fast.

The once wild area around the reservoir no longer supports the life it once could. The ground is dry, hard and dead. The atmosphere in the canyon changed, the once cool and damp haven, fed by seasonal watershed, turned extra dry with drought and the deadening effects of glyphosate. The atmosphere burns, it has the same feel as vast areas burned by wildfires, only difference, this one is chemically induced. One no longer sees the amount of wildlife I saw in my youth.

Animals suffer, initially the ground dwellers. Mice, gophers, lizards no longer gestate nor lay eggs normally (when livestock was first fed GMO feeds, attending veterinarians noted reproduction abnormalities), if the babes do make it full term, they lacked the ability to nurse/eat and are abandoned by their mothers.

While many may think it’s great that both weeds and vermin get wiped out, year after year of spraying, the predators up the food chain die off as well. We are up the food chain and suffering the same fate, whether we have the where-with-all to admit it is another matter altogether. Human hubris does not alleviate us from consequence, what we do to the web, we do to ourselves.

These babes are abandoned in places I wander, to see, to record, so hopefully my kind wakes. I write, so such experiences come to light. While many will label such recordings as “negative”, my hope is to inspire a visceral fortitude and stop feeding this wide spread and mistaken for normal cancer miasm. Humans so selectively suppress that which should be made known, especially where creatures are concerned. We have developed our mechanized and justifiable hubris at the expense of future generations and possibly the planet. Its time to recalibrate back into the balanced knowing of creation and destruction of this planet, by recognizing our wetiko/miasmic ways, Nature is always more than willing to show us, if we listen on a level we are not comfortable with.

Glyphosate has been proven highly toxic. It is the partner to genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), food grown under such “created means of laboratory perfection” has repercussions that are unfolding in generations since its inception. The results are a devastating cascade of ill health – kidney failure, cancers, endocrine issues and more. These were first noted by many of us working with animals years ago, now, this created holocaust, affects human health. No need to wonder why the only “business” left in America is block after block of medical buildings and hospitals. For those with eyes open, it makes terrifying yet perfect sense.

This GMO/glyphosate combo is found in commonly eaten foods, wheat, soy, corn, alfalfa, cotton, sugar beets, canola and more. These are main ingredients in most processed foods eaten. High fructose corn syrup (GMO) is in most foods (even pet foods). This GMO’d, highly addictive, cheap energy additive adds an extra spark to feeding cancer. Cancer loves sugar – sugar is one of the most addictive substances on earth and one of the toughest for people to take off the menu, so addicting is its allure. We have no idea the depths to which addiction lurks.

A host of agricultural chemicals and other modern chemical wonders are xeno-estrogens (estrogen mimicking compounds). Coupled with Bovine growth hormone, in dairy that is non-organic, and you have induced, accelerated hormonal chaos – including spurring the growth of cancers. In another blog we will go into more detail on this abused hormone.

While many applaud modern agricultural means as a savior to an ever growing human populace, the truth is this hoaxed miracle is an epic disaster in disguise. School children are being indoctrinated with the wonders of chemical manipulations of the food supply. In countries with massive populations, more ancient ways of farming the land feeds the populace well, without the chemically/genetically induced ills this country is seeing. These countries have done so for eons. The land has not failed us. There is enough for everyone’s needs. Tons of food are plowed under or dumped daily for a host of price manipulative reasons. Selective greed starves our kin.

In his book “Homeopathy for Farm and Garden” Viakunthanath Das Kaviraj describes fruits and vegetables grown by chemical farming means as “obese”. In other words, the fruit/vegetables are large; pleasing to the eye, yet lack vital nutrients found in organically grown produce. He notes how this is reflected in the bodies that consume such lovely, yet lacking in depth fodder. The same can be seen in horses, most owners are not happy unless the animals show a bit of fat. Inflammation would be a more apt description, and it is mistaken for brawn, from an individual level all the way through to politics; this topic to be explored in depth in another blog as well, for now dwell on how our eyes have been conditioned to false fortitude and how this refracts from the micro to the macro.

Bought government safeguards failed to stop skewed research regarding GMO’s/glyphosate and much like cancer cells eluding the immune systems response, the poison willfully slipped into the food supply. Calls for labeling go unheeded, and laws like TTP (and soon to be TTIP), which the people get no vote on, pass giving Monsanto, the parent company of Agent Orange and this monopolized poisoned food free rein to infect the world, while a chemically sauced public argues over which terrifying and inadequate political puppet will take over; quite a world our miasmic/wetiko ways manifest..

The cruelest irony of all – seeing families stricken by cancer spraying glyphosate all over their yards, we just don’t get it. It most certainly has a feel of a holocaust most are more than willing to sign up for, time to wake from this addicted, catatonic dance, in hopes of owning our power with more grace.

 Back to Balance

If one were to list all modern endocrine disruptors and toxins, we would be left in further overwhelm. The same overwhelm that trips the cancer miasm into shut down. For the sake of consideration, we have a toxic food supply, Fukushima is still spewing, Electro Magnetic Fields, Microwave towers (cellphones/wifi – these items cross the blood/brain barrier like our most addictive drugs), tainted water, atmospheric pollutants, toxic medications that do nothing to address deficiencies, work place stress and economic stress, the list goes on and on. Instead of getting bogged down by our material/egotistic needs, let’s conclude by resting in the miracle we started with.

Thirty Trillion of your cells are working in harmony to keep you alive, every second, of everyday – with out fail. While you sleep, while you eat, while you cry, while you laugh, while you heal, while you love, do spend a great deal of time on that last one – things we love – yourself should top the list, not narcissism, rather self-respect that includes limiting poisons ingested (mind and body).

When I had my bout with cancer in 2005, it came on the heels of my brothers’ death. If I could put my finger on one thing that was really troubling me at the time was/is human ability to take for granted and destroy life. Open land, wild creatures, domestic creatures and ourselves.

I once rode many a troubled steed for clients. I quickly deduced the steed was never the problem, the human was. A horse learns instantly when conditions are right, there is no need to weigh/burden their spine with endless drilling. This means no human hubris. I could see I was putting many a steed in harms way by teaching them such lightness, while their humans chose the lazy comfort of embedded, harsh (though they never saw themselves as such) conditioning, preferring to blaming this or that, rather than re-educating/liberating wetiko/miasmic ways.

I also knew this dead and harsh place most people treat themselves and their creatures from, is the root of many beings painful body issues. I had long suspected we should not be doing with horses what we do, nor “living” as we do. A noble beast, years ago sealed this lesson for me. The deeper I got into learning various forms of body and energy work, homeopathy – the brighter this truth shown.

This beast told me on day one his owners would kill him. I along with an extensive team was hired to do all we could to save him. After our first session the trainer raved “he never traveled so well!” Despite my warnings of his tissue healing, the grinding tyrant of ego bore on, in a short while he was killed for insurance money. A conversation followed with the owner I hope to never have to repeat. She put on a darn good show, and that’s all it was.


Communion from this horse still burns in my ears when certain cases take a turn for human hubris. That day freed me to put more weight into insights from the creatures than their humans. Most humans are not in a place where they can hear what needs to be said. We are too wetiko, too miasmic, too unwilling to address the very core issues we should, our own shadows, make peace with them, own them and you mitigate the damage. Deny them and they swallow you whole and all you touch.

I promised his soul, I would never pretend to be doing “good” (in the eyes of human conditioning) while not honoring a beings true plight. Some people love me for this, others shy away. Either way, it opens a pathway for richer and less miasmic/wetiko communication. I thrive for this.

Being true to myself and those I serve (who often don’t have a voice most can hear), is the most healing thing I can do, for me and for all beings in my hologram. This leads to the life one needs to live, releasing you from the life others expect for their own devices. A gift all beings should have a right to, one many humans don’t want.

Wild creatures exude this “trueness”. The raccoons, my Piskies endowed this to me. Wild creatures that are releasable have an unparalleled vital force and fire. There is a point where they need to go back to the wild. No hard feelings, it’s just the life they need to live. The role of intercessor complete, their calling beckons, and they have no angst heeding it. They are such wonder to bask in, so complete, so knowing, so free of chicken shit fear humans compensate from.

Those non-releasable retain a child-like dependence. Their fire is not quite as complete. With the increasing toxin load and urbanization, their vital force is not what it use to be. They are weaker, the glyphosate run-off and wind blown GMO have left their mark. Nothing is what it was. The invisible, civilized cage of life unlived permeates, wetiko manifested.

Most all the re-habbed wild creatures that have been non-releasable die of some sort of cancer, despite clean, organic diets and imitating wild tendencies. Can anything be more exemplifying of the life unlived – no matter how enticing it’s packaged?

This is why I told the Piskies the best I could offer them was a piss poor imitation of a life they decided they had not the fortitude for, that fateful day when Shreky climbed my old dog Murphy and I – something they were never allowed to do. I raised them to be “wild”, not pets. The attempt at release, on the  4th day – I checked in on them, they clearly told me how compromised their thwarted start was and we were to partner. I am still awestruck with the education they left me to unravel.

Wild creatures, when given a choice will always choose non-GMO feed. I try to get the cleanest, organic food sources possible and am lucky enough to grow a good deal of my own food and healing herbs. I am sure this gave these two precious babies more life than they would have had without. Something to heed, so many youngsters (creature and human) are fed modified foods at great consequence. One sees younger and younger beings suffering diseases once belonging to aged beings and most don’t put the pieces of the puzzle together, it certainly does have the feel of a holocaust many are so addicted to and afraid to wake from.

Diet is key to health. Modern foods are loaded with addictive chemicals (including potent, genetically modified sweeteners/neurotoxins) many people have not the ability to walk away from. These foods may seem necessary to humans competing in a mechanized world. Stop fooling yourself. We are flesh and blood, spirit and soul; we need a deeper nourishing this planet provides.

Many diets exist that have very positive effects on cancers, Macrobiotic, Gerson, Metabolic Typing diet to name a few. Old turn of the century homeopathic doctors (whose wisdom passed down in old books I adore) noted increases of cancers with industrialization, stress, vaccines, meat consumption and other factors. In these stressed economic times and population increases, these factors come into play more than ever. The more plant based the diet, the less stress on already sedate and stressed organs that modern life tender. Animals raised for consumption live horrific, confined, pumped with hormones, vaccines and meds to make it slaughter weight lives, does one really need to consume such misery? At such consequence?

I think it prudent to take into consideration a persons constitutional remedy, its food likes and aversions to best suit the individual. There is no one size fits all diet. We are too diverse and some people cause grave harm to their bodies with fanaticized diets. We do this to our animal friends as well. Well intentioned perhaps, short sighted of a beings evolutionary means, often.

The Magical knowing of children cut early on, generational disconnects. So young, so labeled and doped. The addiction has been given a medical green light and start. Addict them early to prescribed meds with chemical signatures similar to the most narcotic street drugs, to hate, their own bodies, their own brothers and sisters. Divide and condition to institutionalized droned perfection.

These babes yearn to re-wild. To play in the dirt, to eat wild edible herbs, to photosynthesize with the sun, to touch sacred stones, to hear the hawk cry, to feel a horse’s velvety nose, to move their bodies, no matter how old they are. Reconnecting with the land that sustains us is more healing than we know, as is basking in the glow of the sun and the vitamin D it imparts ( so crucial to immune function); time to root fully in the beauty of this sustaining universe.

The hate of self, the disconnect, becomes stuffed, cancerous, the part deemed “not good enough”, the part left unexpressed, unlived. Hahnemann knew the more these growths are cut, without addressing deeper miasmic tendencies that fuels the growths, the more turbulent the growths reaction to the silencing. Those stricken with cancer often cave into doctors ultimatums and fears of family members (unable to self advocate). Disregarding their own inner knowing to live their life unlived.

So many try “alternatives” after the vital force has been drained by harsh surgeries, caustic medications (that destroy the alimentary canal – the very ability to feed oneself), radiation etc.; coming to original healing methods in a last ditch effort to heal. Not realizing the layers of compensating violation and lassitude that now need lifting – if there is still vital force left to heal. Too many times, there is not, heartbreaking to witness.

For myself, I chose not to go to doctors, I wanted no drama of testing or the dynamics humans spin around such “illness”. I found my strength in creatures that came to me for healing and experienced recovery, without the caustic ways conventional means deem necessary. For creatures that did pass, it came later, with greater quality of life. Either way, this choice I wanted for myself. This was not denial; it was a very reflective period of holographic cases, self tendencies and whole lot more. It was a coming into myself that my raccoons, my Piskies, gave me the where with all to claim full force. Our weaknesses owned and liberated gave us more life than we could have alone. Lena always reminded me of this.

Certain specifics will not be listed. People make selective lists and miss the most important thing I wish you take from this. Specifics, diets, herbs are an outward support to a very deep, personal and evoking journey. Homeopathy does something amazing to liberate that freedom, homeostasis within. Every aspect of disease listed in any of my writings is just a wisp to all experience and not recorded. The archives are vast, filled with aches and triumphs too deep to divulge.

In animals that have “cured” their cancers, the relative ease they journey this process with has always left me in awe. They don’t mourn the patterns of illness that got them to the state the way a human will. They seem elated to be free of the set ethereal stockade. A human mourns this part; it seems easier for humans to face a physical death than to have an ideal die, such is the weight of our ego, hubris, megalomania. I wanted for myself what the creatures have given me so freely, so often.

I don’t mean for it to sound like I am picking on humans (though many will take it so), but our very megalomania keeps us in our addicted, wetiko, miasmic ways. We hear the term so often “we are better than that” and no doubt, we can be, yet in healing we need to be met where we are, not where we think we are (that is delusion, a very addictive and destructive thought pattern – so prevalent and condoned in our times), nor where we want to be – for that we don’t yet have the skills. We can exceed our limits only when we own them, our shadows, our glories, free from the encumbrance of ancestral, familial, and societies planned or prophesized expectations.  This is not hubris, it’s owning both ends of the spectrum well and with grace, it’s empowering, it is homeostasis.

The past few years have offered a host of personal great die offs, decades old partnerships of certain clients that have passed, aging family members whose careers end and all that entire dynamic brings with it and many dear lifelong animal friends also transitioned back to spirit. This past May, I had quite a healing crisis, given the gravity of the past 4 years, I was surprised it took so long. After this “illness”, I find myself operating wholly differently. Many things have been taken off my list of what can and cannot be consumed – food, business, obligations and more. I have been liberated to do what needs to be done in this phase of my life.

Some ring out with their “why don’t you get a flu shot”? They miss the whole point, such clearings, especially after heavy grief (affecting lungs) needs to be purged, to clean out old dross and breathe a being into new life patterns. Ancients knew this about childhood diseases, we have forgotten. This gift is given, as the body deems necessary, like the wild seeds that come to heal the land and us – only the body knows. Honor it, these are the purgings that clear so much of the stuffed, clogged and toxic ways we think “normal”, it blossoms the immune system to do its part in keeping you alive and thrived.

This past Feb. 3 my raccoon Shreky passed, the same day my mom passed some 30 + years prior. He survived nearly 2 years after Lena’s passing. These were my babes. My joy, the Piskie Chateau was my fun zone to balance a life work that is getting pretty ludicrous given the “killing of creation” times we are in.

Homeopathy spares one so much medical grief; from our first day together, all the fun in between and finally, at end of their lives, it gave gentle release to their souls. Not euthanasia, just an ease of transition to lives very skillfully, enjoyably and zealously played. I was doula at both ends of their lives – my God what a weighty gift my little bears left me with.

Their Chateau, the garden, our haven still lingers with their feisty, joyful essence. Despite my best efforts to converge our “civilized” and “wild” ways, cancer claimed them both. The life unlived, what was denied? Full term with their real mother? Something not yet known? Or was this the best that could be? We each have are own answer, each is right and each is wrong, such are our human limitations. In the hologram of life, perfection found its moment, trust life; my little bears always knew this.

We don’t need to change the world; even compromised, the Piskies had quite an education to impart. Change wetiko to work with ourselves, not fight ourselves. We don’t need to fight cancer, that’s just a lucrative show. Our bodies are doing an incredible job to keep us going despite incredible odds. Most enduring this disease have given too much of themselves, the last thing they need is to suffer a feeling of falling short to a fight that seems larger than life, because it can be.

Does it kill? Absolutely, as do we – killed creation, that unlived. We are bombarded every day with tragic consequence of all the miasms converging. The kill lines that can’t stop, in slaughter houses, wars, shootings labeled whatever fits the medias propaganda, animal shelters and despite the mass killed creation, still more life comes. No one ever seems to ruminate this (so blind we are) – and our solution is ironically, more killing. Ancients once spoke of rivers teeming with life, skies filled with birds, plains filled with large beasts; there is enough for everyone’s need, just not everyone’s greed. Quite a circle we have made, quite the experiment we are living.

I have changed and streamlined the amount and types of cases I take on anymore. There is great power in just saying “no”. Some only want you in their lives to feed their imbalances, some for whatever reasons, fear deeper healing and the inner soul journey that requires, either way, I am freed to work with those who give autonomy to all my knowing.

I spend copious amounts of time in nature and with creatures, to better hear the whispers of Her healing minerals, plants, creatures and the symbiosis of it. This is the education that keeps me going, human hubris and their calls for culling leave me desolate, I can’t feed that beast anymore, not with the die offs I have seen of late. The land can regenerate and do amazing things, when the right care givers have stewardship. WE don’t OWN land, it should own us.

Those embracing these back to root basics see a wonderful unfolding of Mother Earth gifts. These are shared with neighbors, communities, bartering a way back to economic viability, from land, to self, all the way up to local communities. This is what awakened souls that own both ends of the spectrum can, will and are doing. It is something ancients knew all along, many have been waiting for. This has the ability to restore all the beaurocratic malarkey we are bombarded and yoked with. A dying of corporate owned tyrants that choke humanity with their slick packaged poisons. Disconnect, denial and silence will never mend this ailing cancer miasm, only a deep love and respect of life, self, our planet and the holographic universe that connects us all. Own it and thrive it!


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