RIP Harambe

Our disconnect from each other, let alone Nature, echoed loud and clear once again.


Cincinnati Zoo officials shot a silver back gorilla dead after a small child fell into the creatures enclosure. Social media buzzed with opinions. Consequence bleeds via our disconnected, contriving ways.


Parents, let alone their children, no longer know respect for the wild. Mesmerized and addicted to cell phones, hardly anyone looks  up at the world around them anymore. Canned reality is all new generations know.


Who is wrong, who is right – what does it matter when a humans only answer to our fears and consequence is death and more killing?


Social media is powerful tool, as are documentaries that expose our exploitation of wild beings, such as “Blackfish”. Whatever your opinion, an awakening is happening. Such awakenings evoke great fear in most as they expose our exploitative, complacent and chemically numbed out ways, especially if livelihood depends on the “use” of animals.


A while back a video was making the rounds on social media – a cat walking on its front legs, seasoned “animal lovers” of all kinds posting remarks – the most remarkable thing was not one noticed this creature had both back legs broken, as a result it was walking on its front paws. When this was pointed out – the funny comments stopped. The sad point of the exchange was many of these folks are considered “experts” in the eyes of the animal world – as humans know it now.


So, this beckons the questions – if most “professionals” eyes are so tainted by modern methods, who indeed is qualified to mindfully care for life? Is it going to far to ask for all beings to be treated as “sentient”?


This will only strike fear in the heart, if exploitation is at the core of creature relationships. Humans are so adept at lying to themselves – the answer to this question is a crap shoot, and as long as making a living or stroking the ego is involved – the answer will never be in the animals true favor.


But lets just say for the sake of broadening the human pinhole perspective such liberation of the human mental cast system is possible and free our selves (if only for a second) from that long held, imposed dogma, that without much suffering we witness (especially in animal husbandry) such “progress” we enjoy in this modern world would not be possible. What if this is all a lie we tell ourselves as truth to maintain a system that needs to die and compost?


In re-reading some books written in the late 1800’s, there were many incredible ways of healing, energy and complete ideals that could have served humanity and Natural world with much more grace. They were not implemented, or right out destroyed, so exploitation of the massed could continue. As with most human addictions (what I consider such actions/behaviors) the cost is always too high and not worth it.


What if in letting all our pre-programmed bs fade away, a whole new reality emerges? One more connected and respectful of the beautiful planet that still sustains us – despite our squandering human ways?


What if in letting go of our need to control, exploit and contrive, we find the home we never should have left? It might be that we would all  have our own “cavalia” and no need for “shows of caring” anymore. I wish more people entertained this thought – rather than fear of losing the phony reality most hold as gospel, thinking its the best that can be done.


I think Koko the gorilla says it best in the video…if she knows – as does much of the rest of the wild world – when will we?