Listen to the Skin – Vaccinosis/Cancer Connection

Ulcers healing

Ulcers healing

The following is for educational purpose; consult with your health professional.


I too once believed that modern medical means kept us free from disease, but then I saw my beloved pets falling apart, infections/cancer at injection sites, latent paralysis, cancer, blindness, deafness, dental issues, seizures, allergies and more; of course it’s never the vaccine, yet these issues were non-existent prior, nor are as apparent in unvaccinated beings.

With the guidance of holistic vets, often going against the preaching of conventional medical means and stopping vaccines when chronic skin, digestive and deeper health issues occurred, I saw my creatures recover, with deeply cleansing and nutritive foods,  homeopathy, body/energy work; I saw a bloom and resurgence of life force conventional means never came close to.

I studied many forms of original healing. I found a key I had been grasping for all along. Nature provided, as always. Homeopathy seems the most effective in releasing the patterns of “disease” and derangement of life force the vaccines so sneakily induce. It gently and effectively unwinds insults to the soul, from the hara line outward to the physical, detoxing clogged pathways, recalibrating the body and soul to vitality.

Many years and many beings later, an unassuming horse I named “Belle” came along. The amplified incorporation of knowing this matriarch is unfolding in me is a learning curve no college can rival; only the university of life can offer such soul amalgamating experience. She leaves me in humble awe.

Belle came on the heels of my magnificent mare Penny’s transition back to Spirit. I was spent. Pinky my lovely paint gelding was grieving and alone. A month after her passing I put word out for a companion.

Having the skills one acquired, there is no end to the hard luck cases one can find. A friend knew of a foundered mare that was in need of a home…I honestly felt too exhausted to take on such a case. At her urging I went to visit said mare, one look in her eyes and body and the deal was done.


In another blog I will tackle all that this horse had going on hoof/spine-wise. That is a story and learning curve all in and of itself. Such chronic damage to the foundation a large creature like a horse needs to stand and propel from is a cardinal basis of knowing for any serious horse lover. We will jump ahead to another part of her healing, as I believe if certain signs were heeded, instead of the suppressive measures conventional means seek to quell, she may have never foundered. Listen to the skin

The timeless wisdom of Samuel Hahnemann as written in the “Organon of Medicine” 6th edition – over 200 years ago…

Aphorism 212

The Creator of therapeutic agents has also had particular regard to this main feature of all diseases, the altered state of the disposition and mind, for there is no powerful medicinal substance in the world which does not very notably alter the state of the disposition and mind in the healthy individual who tests it, and every medicine does so in a different manner.

 Aphorism 205 Sixth Edition

The homoeopathic physician never treats one of these primary symptoms of chronic miasms, nor yet one of their secondary affections that result from their further development, by local remedies (neither by those external agents that act dynamically, nor yet by those that act mechanically), but he cures, in cases where the one or the other appears, only the great miasm on which they depend, whereupon its primary, as also its secondary symptoms disappear spontaneously; but as this was not the mode pursued by the old-school practitioners who preceded him in the treatment of the case, the homoeopathic physician generally, alas!, finds that the primary symptoms have already been destroyed by them by means of external remedies, and that he has now to do more with the secondary ones, i.e., the affections resulting from the breaking forth and development of these inherent miasms, but especially with the chronic disease evolved from internal psora, the internal treatment of which, as far as a single physician can elucidate it by many years of reflection, observation and experience, I have endeavored to point out in my work on Chronic Diseases, to which I must refer the reader.

I cannot therefore advise, for instance, the local extirpation of the so-called cancer of the lips and face (the product of highly developed psora, not infrequently in conjunction with syphilis) by means of the arsenical remedy of Frere Cosme, not only because it is excessively painful and often fails, but more for this reason, because, if this dynamic remedy should indeed succeed in freeing the affected part of the body from the malignant ulcer locally, the basic malady is thereby not diminished in the slightest, the preserving vital force is therefore necessitated to transfer the field of operation of the great internal malady to some more important part (as it does in every case of metastasis), and the consequence is blindness, deafness, insanity, suffocative asthma, dropsy, apoplexy, etc. But this ambiguous local liberation of the part from the malignant ulcer by the topical arsenical remedy only succeeds, after all, in those cases where the ulcer has not yet attained any great size, and when the vital force is still very energetic; but it is just in such a state of things that the complete internal cure of the whole original disease is also still practicable.

The result is the same without previous cure of the inner miasm when cancer of the face or breast is removed by the knife alone and when encysted tumors are enucleated; something worse ensues, or at any rate death is hastened. This has been the case times without number, but the old school still goes blindly on in the same way in every new case, with the same disastrous results.


Psora, suppressed skin eruptions, Hahnemann considered the mother of all disease. Listen to the skin. From Psora other miasms branch out, and many homeopaths believe these re-converge to the Cancer Miasm, a modern induced epidemic.

Hahnemanns’ timeless wisdom is echoed in the writings of homeopathic physicians of the early 1900’s that knew how to heal without cutting. They found increase of cancer rates with the rise of stress, vaccination, increased meat consumption among other factors. Considering the toxin load most bodies now need to function with, it is quite amazing life survives, yet the body adapts.

Belle had chronic weeping sores on her nose from the start – as well as clear to purulent drainage from her eyes, her belly and thighs exuded dermatitis and small, pea-sized nodules under her tail could be palpated. Early on, she was started on a cleanse. She was toxic from heavy pain control medication for the founder, her muddled eyes indicated, coupled with her water-logged, systemic cellular inflammation. This same water-logged, toxin load can be observed in foundered horses, the hoof tissue being soft and spongy – to me, a clear sign of vaccinosis. Many holistic vets see a clear connection between vaccines and founder. When vaccines cease, complete recovery is possible. Everything is a clue.

For 3 months she had a very distinct odor to her sweat, urine and excrement as the toxins were flushing from her system. Her stall reeked of the same smell. Then this changed, to a lesser degree as time passed – but still noticeable. So heavy was her toxin load.


I hesitate to list the homeopathic remedies used (only a few will be mentioned), there is much delusive information passed along in many discussions, this truly creates a dis-service to the art of homeopathy. There is no substitute for good case-taking and knowing remedies like an old friend. Well meaning but misinformed folks dilute the gift that homeopathy brings to the world. I will not add to the degradation of our art here. If there is means for shiny new things and vice, there is means to heal.

The first remedy was chosen to address her detached and disconnected (almost an out of body experience) state of mind, sadness and desire for solitude also fell into the sphere of action this remedy covers. Address the mentals, the body follows.

Belle’s feet were a major concern. Once the too tight shoes were removed, special boots helped her feet land true. Correct movement in her feet was possible, her body had grown into gross compensation, if the feet moved true, her body would follow. She no doubt had been in great pain for a very long time. She moved quite well and willingly at the walk, despite standing with and odd twist (this will be discussed in greater detail when I finish the blog about her hooves). She tolerated company, but preferred to be alone and work things out on her own (well meaning but curbed professionals put her in this state). I have long admired the inner wisdom of nature, I feel completely at ease following it. I gave her full grace to teach me.

She seemed to have a great repertoire of trained and conditioned knowing. It was apparent in her disconnect that this felt more a duty than a joy to perform. This was key in remedy selection. She seemed to have embodied a long road of skewed good intentions endured. The remedy also considers “railway spine”. Considering the trauma endured by horses’ spines (not a welcomed knowing among horsefolk, but hey if you are up there, you contribute to the issues presented, own it).  Deep pelvic bruising and the repeated concussion sustained by her tiny contracted feet also fall within the scope of this remedy; it seemed perfect to open the case.

With the first dose, warts appeared on her nose after a few days. The remedy was pushing her “dis-ease” outward. After the warts erupted, she was able to lie down and roll completely over. She could also “wiggle” her pelvis while rolling now. Prior, she could only roll one sided, get up and stiffly roll on the other side. Let the unwinding begin!

It was apparent this mare had crafted a very careful façade to please humanity, while harboring a deep feeling of frailty that her body had. The remedy that embodies this feeling was given next and a short 3 weeks later the warts completely dried and fell off. The dermatitis on the belly and thighs lessened, the nodules under her tail disappeared. Her vital force was regaining itself. She finally came to “hang out and talk” with us. I had to smile to myself, she seemed to smile back.

I gave this remedy a good 2 months to unweave its magic. Her feet were striding more and more towards a normal hoof shape. Her body too, slowly coming into balance. When she first arrived, the slightest pressure over her the right side of her sacrum would cause her leg to buckle and almost fall, so intense was the pain. She no longer showed this reaction, but lameness and frailty continued to plague the right hind leg. Her foundered and grossly mis-shaped front feet would take at least one year to grow out the founder rings, her hooves will be trying to find a new normal once the basic hoof capsule renews. We were in for the long haul.

In body/energy work sessions one will often get very descriptive feelings, images, sensations of falls, injury, trauma that leads to such mobility issues. This mare never gave such details. It was as if something was robbed at a very early stage that none could put their finger on. This was echoed in the sketchy information those who knew this mare could provide. I suspected vaccinosis, the smells of her detox, signs of her fixed mental state mirroring in her body, kept pointing me in that direction. I did give an inter-current dose of Malandrinum. The nosode made from “grease” in horses, connection to suppressed skin disease and known for its ability to release damage sustained via vaccines. I find this remedy invaluable in such cases.

Somewhere in this time frame, I presented a game to her. I had been working with her loose in the ring. Just walking side by side, asking for turns on the forehand, turns on the haunches, backing, just a few steps, then nothing for a few days. She knew I would not push, and each baby step led to greater freedom in her body. She knew I was asking for mindful movement, there would be benefit to her body and mind. She became eager to learn more, her pre-preprogrammed, staccato cadence gave way smooth, graceful footfalls as her body was finally able to move as nature designed a horse to move.

This part is key in such work, abandon all the bs you have been programmed with and let the horse teach you. Only the horse knows what it endured, and how its body compensated for gloating egos. The horse does not need us to fix anything – our limited good intentions bring horses to such broken places. Remember that. No matter what ego or know it all barn folk bark about.

With her loose in the ring; I placed a board in the center of the arena. By now we could walk side by side, execute turns (fore or hind) and back, on the mimicking of simple body movements alone. No head gear, whips nor was any other prop needed, movement was synchronized.

At first when I walked over the board, she evaded and walked around it. I kept walking, she would rejoin on the other side. Now, for all those reading this, thinking I let her get away with something, quell your knowing and read on, less you lose the most vital part of the lesson…

I did this a few more times, I did not look her in the eye, I knew she was searching mine, for a scolding, reaction, a “correction”. None came I just kept walking, a bit slower, more focused, deliberate –  yet conscious to keep my shoulders unlocked, my gaze soft and my breathing steady ( I was true down to my core), she followed over the pole. That was enough for that day, happy hugs and play was all that ensured after that.

After letting her soak on our previous walk for a few days, we tried again. This time as we walked over the pole I slowed down further and stopped when we each had one leg over the pole and then backed over it. She complied mirroring movement.

Had I pushed my agenda from the start about simply walking over the pole, I would not have progressed as quickly or as effortlessly. I am an excellent slacker, I am not getting any younger and a creature that big can move itself. Properly set up, life can be this easy but we will never find that magic with pain and contriving humans excel at imposing.

On that day, we only worked on getting the front feet one step over and one step back, both left and right side, and then we were done for that day. Another horse would get this in seconds – her body was not there; whatever she learned prior in pain, needed to find new neurological pathways for an anchored foundation. This felt mutually beneficial.

The ease and brevity of the game caused her to give me a bit of a surprised look, I let her be. While she was starting to hang out with me more and more, she needed her alone time, to let the days events soak and settle, and so did I.

Several days later we again attempted to walk over the pole, each foot individually. The front feet did fine, the time seemed right to step back over it with back legs. This was very hard for her. I put no pressure on her; I also told her if it isn’t possible today, there will be other days.

My request frustrated her and she ran off. I didn’t become upset with her; I simply stayed by the pole on the ground, my feelings neutral. For all the crippling work done to her foundered front feet – not one equine professional noted the extreme lameness this lass had going on in her right hind leg. She was working through something big here, most experience horse folk that believe in pushing such a horse do not have the eyes to see what really goes on when “resistance” presents itself, this arrogance rooted in false knowing cripples and kills many beings, when the blog about her feet is completed – there will be much to discuss about this subject.

She walked back to the spot, on her own volition and we tried again. Again in frustration she ran off. I was about to walk to away but she came back again (the lady has heart!). Ever so carefully and woefully, she placed the left hind over, then the right. I beamed for her and hugged her. Yet, in her eye, I saw something grave had been unearthed. She lowered her head in the deepest release I have yet witnessed in being, and her eyes flowed with bloody tears. I sat in the center of the ring and cried with her. I apologized that humans make things so difficult. A wave of strange awestruck defiance flooded us…the ability of humans to make something so easy, so difficult – with such body marring results and call it triumph. This wave of feeling seemed to slam back and forth between us for a while, her in her crying wonder, me in seeing how we treat life too many times…I don’t know how long we were like that, but the crashing waves subsided and a calm pool of ripples emerged. She walked over, head hung low and we just stayed like that in quiet peace. It felt right to soak in this pool of wisdom we found together.


The above mentioned exercise was a basis for all horses I rehabbed back in the day. It provides a solid foundation to trailering, ground exercises and more, as each foot can be “spoken” too and it also gives invaluable insights to body weakness the horse can tell us about.


In the wake of such a profound release, considering the remedies given and work on the ground, the weeping sores on her nose vanished completely; the drainage from her eyes diminished, the dermatitis on the belly and thighs – gone. Malandrinum was given about a month ago, the time felt ripe to repeat the remedy given before. I upped the potency of this remedy that addresses the frailty of legs and the easing of her carefully crafted, brave façade, what followed just blew my mind.

In less than a week of repeating this remedy, large open weeping sores appeared in the corner of her eyes. The left being the largest and worse, the right to a lesser degree, but still weeping bloody tears; her body was releasing a flood of pent up toxins, emotions and insults. While the sight would shock most – those trained in holistic means would have taken a step back – to better see the whole picture. As soon as these sore erupted, her entire mycological structure changed and lameness was almost non-existent. Despite the weeping sores, a whole new look emanated from her eyes, she carried her body different, her movement flowed as never before. I was awestruck, she just seemed elated to retrieve something none us were quite sure could be recovered.


I cannot stress enough, when such eruptions occur, they are a ventnot an “infection” or whatever name given to be pushed deeper back into the body. The body is releasing what ails it, it is not something to push back and quelled with symptom covering means – many people will abuse holistic measures as a swap for medications. This results in the same suppressive measure, the insult will push deeper into the body and morph to a more severe expression. Less is best, know how to read the signs the body so graciously gives, then listen and act with prudence, not fear.

Had the sores been tested, I am sure the result would have come back malignant. What I saw before me reminded me so much of own journey with cancer in 2005. I only told 3 people what was going on at the time, mostly to conserve/preserve my energy. People mean well, but their scared looks and talk do not help much at such junctures in life. I never went to the doctors. I had worked with enough creatures and admired the way they tackle such imbalance. I did not name my imbalance; I believe we give cancer too much power that way. I just did what the creatures and nature showed me and here I am. One day I will detail this journey deeper, it was serious, lumps in my lymphatic system and breasts, I, like many, have cured our grave imbalances with the grace of nature. I never felt comfortable with the drama of testing, the fear people go through, the timelines doctors tell people of what is possible or not – that is between me and my Maker, not a two-legged to decide. Creatures heal easier, because they do not dwell in mental masturbation, they just know, given the proper space. We can do the same, we have been dis-emboweled of our deepest knowing, we are also very fearful of owning that gracious full knowing.

Malignancy leaves the body in several ways, lumps are re-absorbed, they are flushed from the body, via abcess or flooded with oozing serum and drop off (I have seen this with several creatures), in some cases certain herbs and seed substance have the ability to target only malignant cells, leaving healthy cells intact. I don’t believe science can improve upon what nature knows, only manipulate for financial gain. That says enough for me. The immune system cures cancer, not the healer, the doctor or whatever. Some folks have definite knowledge that assists others in such inner journeys, but like good horse relations, it is self work no one can do for you. The popularity of conventional means prey greatly on fears and folks giving power over to others. We create a seat for every need, consequence spins from there.

When these sores opened, every other aspect of her body improved. I added Essiac tea blend to support her liver and immune system. If cancerous lesions/lumps are removed surgically, it is important to know these are the least aggressive cancer cells. The most aggressive cells travel the blood steam, your body knows what is brewing (the beauty of a vital force). This is why cutting cancers pushes the “disease” deeper; cultivating, deep seated, chronic issues down the line. Old homeopathic docs knew this.

Herbalists have long lists of alterative herbs, those that cleanse the blood; they are generally combined with herbs that cleanse the liver, a master organ filtering the blood. Using such time tested combos clears detoxification pathways (on a very deep cellular level) and resets the immune system – often too clogged with toxins (of which vaccines are loaded with).

I could see in Belle a complete recalibration of her endocrine system at this point. I also added Pomegranates to her diet, which she eagerly ate. They were seasonal, and have many of those rich pigments and compounds in the seeds that help eradicate cancerous cells. This took a while, but the ulcers diminished, her coat color and body movement bloomed, she was moving like never before, she beamed. Her skin cleared completely, the nodules under her tail, gone.

An aspect to healing I feel very important to address is the barn space was cleared of anyone that could not hold the “space of gracious neutrality” for her healing. I am so blessed to have the little canyon all to myself where my barn is. I have been there for decades, many horses since my first. In large stables, one has convenience of the horse being fed, cleaned, exercised and such. This is a common trade off of the busy life most crafted and it works well for many. It can rob the sacredness of a place though, too many opinions, too many ego needs the horse is expected to fill, the sheer numbers and confined space leave a void that small, private barns, hands on of daily chores and knowing of each creature and care taker have the luxury of soaking in.

A deeper connection reveals itself, when one is in complete charge of a horse and its environment. Very subtle nuances of feed preferences, piles of manure each creature produces, nap times, play times and more become the way life breathes when one is more in step with any being. The dance deepens. Some people have very toxic influences that block cure, though such folks never see it in themselves, not matter how subtle or overt the hints.

This is the one thing Equine Guided Healing brings to any case I will take on – all the cards on the table and all issues need acknowledgement for cure to follow. The horse always knows, the horse industry is wrought with misinformation at the horses expense, even if means killing the horse for insurance gain (I have seen too much). Once the hubris and malarkey is cleared, the horse can and will hold the space for all involved to clean and clear to a more refined space, provided the humans are truly willing. That is the grace the power of the horse brings, please folks, honor it fully.


About a month after the last remedy, Causticum was given. This mare suffered the loss of a favorite young man of hers before I took her on. She always had an air of over-concern for loved ones, despite her aloof façade. This remedy covered the mentals of her grief, over concern for loved ones – more exhibited, remaining eye issues and the tell tale signs of persistent nerve weakness in the right hind and shaky feltlocks. I believe we hit her constitutional layer with this remedy. Her movement evolved as never before, her spine slinked, snake-like, her eyes cleared completely.

I would like to back up a bit here, when the blog on her feet/spine is done, this topic will go into greater detail, but for those homeopaths and others in the healing arts, I believe this is an important point to understand.

When a horse has a low slung heel and the other hoof has a high heal, I believe beyond the shadow of a doubt, such horses have a transversal rotation of the spine. It has been my experience that unless the layers in her case were addressed in the order they were, the healing would not have come along as quickly, or as completely. It would be as a layer was skipped and thus even well chosen remedies would not act as deeply as they could; also, if it were merely swapping out a remedy known for so and so without deeper understanding of mental/emotional states, the completion of healing will be nil to non-existent. Chronic shock layers need clearing, then the well chosen remedy will work to highest potential.


There was a day this winter where the ponies danced with such glee. Belle did such a dance of joy of her feet kissed the earth. Her perfectly “from the back” executed lead changes, her “airs above the ground” executed without restriction of pain, its like she was twisting and shouting for “joy in a freedom of movement body dance”.

Movement most horse folk have no reference point for – the freedom of an unburdened spine. For the awe equestrians have for the movement of the horse and all it embodies, most fear such exquisite body joy, and from there most start the killing and crippling with props of  training, bits, bridles, saddles and more. It is only our own fear we are choking down, the horse paying the price in her body. This is the one thing I have learned for sure, and why I am selective of cases I take on. Too many times I have seen well meaning folks put on a wonderful show of caring, with enlightened words and quotes, throwing a whole lot of money to ease guilt and still the horse pays the ultimate price. I have no need for such games anymore. I cannot in good conscious do that to myself, much less the horse.

Most folks have no reference point to what really unburdened/unbridled movement in a horse is, most started so young in show and race circuits – the human eye has been trained to accept crippled movement as normal, of this I am sure. Many want to recycle such creatures to new careers, but the horse remains the slave to human ego and expression equating to stifled motion. How glorious that expression, when it comes from the horses’ own volition, free of human contriving.

In the previous blog I mentioned the war on terrorism has pushed explosive expressions deeper to scattered fragments, much like vaccines do in the case of disease. This case, as every case, brought vaccinosis to clearer understanding. When the immune system is repeatedly told to “shut up” the malaise pushes deeper, to cancer (that which can no longer be expressed – just “lumped”), auto-immune disorders and more. We push the immune system to attack itself – a very condensed version to an extremely complex web of created disease. In the future this will be discussed to greater detail. In our fears we scream for answers, in haste someone answers with a bandaid on a gunshot wound, and for a while, humanity is quelled, but not weaned. Later when consequence calls, the unweaned scream again and so the slow slaughter goes till death, one part at a time, it seems all they know and want. Yet, something much older, wiser and healing has always been waiting.

When cognition of this amalgamates to soul knowing, it makes one’s life work so much harder. It is one thing to heal, as “dis-ease” presents itself. It is another thing altogether to unwind such pre-meditated induction of illness. It makes me long for another life. So many bite the bitter pill of false cure, lecturing on and on of all they learn about their “dis-ease”. Humans have so many games and drama playing into disease, until one owns their part, cure will be elusive. That is the price of consequence and fooling ones self. In the end all life transitions back to Spirit, peace must be made with whatever comes at the appointed time to release the soul home. In between, all life deserves to life fully and vibrantly; with deeply nourishing and lovingly prepared meals; with room to roam, wide spaces to expand the energy field and fuel unbridled thoughts, heart and passion. Anything less is a crippling cage path that leads to the killed creativity the cancer miasm encompasses. This beast I have no need or reason to feed anymore.

That moment with Belle brought forth a whole new cognition. I now have the smell of cancer seared to my knowing as is its multi-layered, created path that most have not the fortitude to own our part in. Just as most animals know. Many humans that went the route of cutting, chemo are stunned at the ease the body can heal with homeopathy and original healing means, (provided the vital force has not been to degraded by these means). Wildness completed, the cage no longer exists.

I found something very complete and conscious I will need to sink deeper into that day when Belle played with such wild abandon in the ring. I was in the middle, she did her dance. When she was done, she stopped. Shoulders squared to me, her gaze buzzed electric with a look that refried my system. It was a look Penny had – times 100. I knew we would be going to a whole new level. I have no choice, I have only unbridled joy to look forward what these graceful beings, Belle and Pinky will have to show me this year. A few other folks were witness to her dance that day, I know they were changed too; they witnessed her journey with a knack to hold the space that I generally only see in creatures, we are so blessed!


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Many use homeopathic nosodes prophylactically  – it is important to never dose out of fear. Many folks will do so with many diseases they read about and over use substances, this is a recipe for consequence. Less is best, know why you are using what your using – anything less brings unintended learning curves to quell our born into addiction excess.