A “Show” of “Caring”

I remember my 8th grade history teacher impressing upon us the need to know our history, so as the future generation, we would learn and not repeat human misgivings of the past. Having seen the scarring of war on my own parents, the yearning in her heart resonated with mine deeply.

I think of her often these days and feel we let her, and many like her, down. Not though any fault, but rather born into a system that surely seems rigged – a society imbedded with folly and an unwillingness to release patterns of painful repetition.

Education is skewed, infused with propaganda. A talented Art History teacher of mine told us that all governments control their populace via oppression, poverty, ignorance and drugs. I doubt teachers can utter such truths these days. Having known the duping my parents endured when WWII ended, I appreciated this mans’ candor and reflect on this often.

My issue with most educational systems is that they seem wrought with limits and fear. The education wild beings offer their offspring often can exceed that of the parent, leading to loss of life, territory – never the less; timely wisdom is handed to future generations with a trust, a knowing strength that “good of the whole” prevails. It is an unbound tutelage that causes a being to respect and own its power well; something humans have been too far removed from in our caged and civilized existence. We often fear this “fully owning of self”.

Nature knows what is needed, lives in service to itself and does not squander energy. This can be seen in large predators especially, much bluffing and display will precede the drawing of blood. Blood spilled is precious and the cost is always very high. All this and more, prudently taken into consideration of the whole. Human teachings disrespect this basic knowing, it indoctrinates, bores and dulls aptitudes with repetition, incomplete and non-experiential information preached as gospel. A clipped and infantile populace accepts dumb downed conditioning as truth. Mass shootings in schools and public places speak volumes that chemically castrated volition cannot.

In high school, I witnessed a boy getting stabbed. Two rival gangs were going at it; a friendly and good natured student tried to break up the fight and got stabbed in the leg for it. School always had a prison-like feel to it for me. Thirty years later I returned when the agricultural area was being revamped, to find more security, more rules – generally a feeling of “lock down” to keep kids safe, a show of caring. Fear still ruled the campus, more so than 30 years before – de-evolution.

Gang shootings were becoming the new norm. No one seemed too concerned, a show of caring of outraged parents made a bit of news then nothing more. So society treats those deemed “less than”. This was the environment that taught to own both ends of the spectrum and find some sort of balance in the middle.

Whether serving areas deemed “dangerous” or “entitled”, those ailing need relief, a gun  never keeps me safe either place, something deeper and stronger does. Something not voiced, not hubris, just lived, it shows in the walk and beings know it, when it is owned in balance. Something the wild beings taught me, predators/raptors in particular. A hero needs a villain for justification, just as life needs death – there is a reflected need for each other. When this is owned and understood, something much more prudent and efficient gives a being volition with a bit more integrity. There is nothing to prove.

Thirty plus years after high school, one sees violence escalating. Two shootings happened on our street alone. One summer the bodies of 4 young people could be seen, on different occasions, as one traveled for daily routines. The police put up tape, put on their show of caring yet the killings continue, the media never mentions these souls lost. Locals put up candle vigils, a plea to the Holy Mother that humans awake and value life as something precious/sacred; still waiting for that.

Perhaps this is the best humans can do, perhaps it is the only level the masses know to function on, but the killing escalates. Shootings now seem a new norm in schools, theaters, pubic buildings and the media manipulates the masses plucking the strings of primal fear and hate. Sounds quite familiar to what my dad ranted about in the final stages of his life, the duping the masses fall for.

While people scream for gun control, better mental health and other band aids on a gunshot wound means of dominion, no one seems to really remember history, let alone the repetitious patterns that brought us here.

At the turn of the century the AMA closed homeopathic hospitals and declared themselves the standard for health care. I cannot help but wonder what the good ole USA would be like if these hospitals and the old docs that knew how to heal without the cutting that pushes the “disease” deeper to the core of the body (suppression), had been allowed to sculpture their art releasing humanity from its most destructive miasm, known for its homicidal and suicidal tendencies…what would this world be like? Would the bloodlust slaughter still rein supreme as an answer to our fears and anger? So many wars, so much propaganda, so much manipulating of the masses and still more killing is the solution the self proclaimed deity that claims likeness to the image of God can do?

Since 9/11 a great dissolution of civil rights has occurred. Just last week the whole Los Angeles Unified School District was shut down because of a hoax. Given the mass killings that are happening on our soil, I am sure any parent would rather err on the side of caution and keep their child home. None the less, Los Angeles County extends some 4,752 miles, employs over 31,000 teachers and over 655,000 students. That is a huge disruption, not to mention extra law enforcement to search the schools, employers were told to be patient with parents scrambling to care for their children. A perfect vehicle has been created to fracture and control any establishment that is put in the cross hairs, be it labeled “terrorist” or any despondent soul that wantonly kills. This is much more dynamic than media hype incites.

Prudence will aid to look at such events in ways not intended; instead of needing such life circumstance to cause pause and reflection – how ‘bout taking an unscheduled day off – to spend with your child/children? A parent? Another loved one? Busy is a new addiction that robs modern humans of deep connection, the day the schools closed was a very quite day in LA. Kids played, parents forced to take time with their wee ones – can anything be more important than that?

The average person can send many incongruent messages to young ones. On one hand speaking of faith and in action running madly to accomplish a never ending list of things, often leaving the child feeling as an after thought. Compensating measures only help so much, children know more than given credit for; they are a very clean slate. Slow down, take some inventory in your life and connect with those things that will follow you to the afterlife. The rest is just a show of caring, an imitation children and animals will always see through.

Since 9/11/01 the war on terrorism has done for this wound, what vaccines have done to “disease” – pushed the malaise deeper, underground, spreading into something not yet recognized, except for those that have been taught to see though show of caring modern man and ego are so easily duped by.

So many years of war and killing, stock piles of weaponry left behind to arm yet another “threat” and like Fukushima – this is the epitome our best and most brilliantly educated minds can do?

A recent commercial asked for funds to feed hungry citizens in a certain country, because so many funds had to be redirected to the war on terrorism. Why is it so much money is available for killing and not for life? Why is it most cannot see through this farce?

I can only hope humanity grows into a spiritual maturity to see past this “show of caring” one sees in wars, non-profit help groups perpetuating their existence preying on depleted folks desperate to do something to help, but knowing no better. In the horse world a great deal of money and research is spent, keeping strained and enslaved tissue going for the sake of our ego, while ignoring the prayer/needs in the horses heart/body. Why does it almost seem necessary for most humans to lie to themselves? Why allow money to rule bloodlust? There is a lush life beyond this mindset.

In this season of praying for peace, do something extra-ordinary out of your normal pre-programmed patterns of function to quell hypocrisy.  Pray for peace by all means, but with that cut the “puppet on a string manipulation” the masses have been so preyed on and act with some integrity and maturity of spirit. Refuse to bite the bitter fruit of division. Remember we have all been born to experience LIFE, full spectrum, embracing and making peace with all that makes us human. This will go further than the scared noise an infantile race is so good at making, exchange those old clothes for honed, sacred action instead. The beings I serve want nothing more to than to live unencumbered by this spiteful trash. The liberation of sanity lies just beyond and we all deserve it.


This is my wish this Christmas.


With dark and hollow eyes they seek recall, but answers won’t come.

The seeds of delusion planted long ago, not as modern medicine knows delusion, but as homeopathy knows delusion, the fracture, the strain, that caused lifes’ perception to fragment through circumstance. The crisis gone, but the inappropriate reaction remains, it can even be passed to future generations. An example would be children born to parents whose minds have been rend by war, the threat is gone, but the hurried, clandestine, guilt and fear ridden patterns become a new norm for the family, generations far removed from the initial wounding. Cloaking with alcohol and drugs does not help.

While modern health experts quibble over various degrees of forgetfulness – what is simple mind fog, senility, dementia? It seems to have become a variation/barometer to yet add another layer of medication, more chemical restraints to a mind/soul disappearing into its own complexity.

Behind the fractured delusion, ego vies for reconciliation via toxins, medications, addictions and more, adding another slathered layer for self to hide behind. Dead food void of the dense nutrition needed by the brain and nervous system, do nothing to aid those falling into the depths of dementia.

The seeds of delusion planted so long ago, most know not who they are, losing oneself even further is an easy stumble, and no one is above its grasp. Loss of position, health, or such, the fall begins. The more chemically burdened the being, the deader the food supply, the quicker the landslide.

Some suffer through unimaginable confusion, in our tech immersed world; some can no longer differentiate tv from reality, forgetting familiar streets, names, all rubrics to some of our beloved homeopathic remedies. The sooner these signs are nipped in the bud, the better. Diet changes to nutrient dense foods that feed an exhausted brain/nervous system will help greatly. A life long hobby/art will also keep the soul from slipping into the abyss.

The cleaner/organic and more plant based the food source is from conventional agriculture chemicals, the better. Re-establish health gut flora with pre and pro biotic rich foods, mineral and essential fatty acids foods as well. Herbs like Ginko, Avena Sativa, Huperzia Serata have affinity for brain function, Skullcap soothes the fried nervous system that resorts to surliness as faculties fade, easing the job of those caretaking. What gifts Nature still gives.

For some, help comes too late, or staves off the inevitable at best, for a little while. It is a very strange web humans have weaved…sulfuric ego driven dreams become a nightmare when the whole is left unconsidered. Human denial seems our race favorite bed to hide under as the weight of consequence squeezes our delusion along with life circumstance that seek reconciliation.

Awareness, always the start of healing; acting on awareness the second key step, many no longer have the fire for follow through, and the addictive chemicals allure will bring about the fall.

This landslide has been in the making for generations, hardly anyone noticed…