Head Trauma – Invisible Scars/Emotional Shock

The blow few could see with their soul, some can feel – leaves its mark.

In a culture that treats death as a disease, something to fear, evade, we will take a deeper look at trauma left from life changing emotional events (blows that shock the energy system, soul scarring, leaving the physical unchanged), like death and other shocks to the mind (I consider the mind the energy field, not the intellect).

Years ago, I was a speaker at a large dog show. There were many creatures I worked with that day, one in particular, stuck with me.

His guardian told me of an event that left the dear pooch “never the same”. When I inquired with the pet, as one does with silent communication, he gave the definite impression of some force in the atmosphere that threw him to the ground. Then a magnified crash/blast noise followed, a traumatized dog remained years later.

I described what I felt and mimicked the dogs body language to the guardian. She said “a cannon went off at a dog show in England years ago”, the dog remained “shell shocked”.

I describe this event in this manner for several reasons. One, many strange things humans do, animals cannot describe the way we are conditioned too (its does not make sense to the creature). Secondly, most animals, even domesticated ones, have senses far more developed and sensitive than ours. We are quite dead in what our senses pick up, compared to our creature friends. In this case, this dogs felt the atmospheric pressure change (threw him to the ground), before his ears felt “blown out” by the blast – I wish every firework celebrant could hear/feel so acutely, might make for more considerate celebrating around the world for many of earths inhabitants.

There is much more to this story, and there is much to condense here; we will touch on some key points to ponder as it relates to “shocked minds/energy fields”.

This creature was greatly helped with homeopathy and a Bach Flower blend. I incorporate intuitive skills differently than the past, we humans have such pinhole perspectives compared to creatures, I officially stopped the communication part of what I do years ago, for the sake of mental health, I just incorporate this aspect differently.

From this story, we can see variations of “explanations”. An event can have assorted interpretations by different beings. The mark left on the being/energy field will vary by a web of life experience and soul constitution. No being experiences this world the same, common themes may run concurrent, but experience is individual.

Some beings may bear witness to devastation billed as “cure”, such as those force to witness practices deemed healing as electro shock therapy. Such folks can be marred by the silence endured, not self advocating (cancer miasm) as a system of healing they are in training for does the best it can under its current pinhole perspective. Years later, the sullen shock asks for resolution. There are homeopathic remedies that address such layers with grace and efface. I am always in awe of homeopathy’s gift to this planet.

War damage would also play here, no matter the side, war leaves an indelible mark as too many of us know. This will need an in depth look at some point, the same shock and blast the dog above described etches a multitude of souls. A blight, a catch, where many a soul become locked in a tail spin of trauma.

Ancient cultures knew the “detox” warriors endured as wars end, this was as desolate a journey as the war itself. Such “theaters” bring out deep, destructive driving miasmic influence to the surface, as primal, frenzied survival seeks to play out all the exploitation humanity has been yoked with, for generations. Such souls endure quite a ride through hell, as those loved ones that stick with these souls through the detox process know.

Governments often pump their warriors full of drugs in a manic effort to wipe the slate clean. But it doesn’t help, only fuel continued madness, and many die once the war is over, suicide…when will the wanton killing end? Will humanity ever learn to own the spectrum of power well, and not contrive massive killing as “solution”?

Survivors’ guilt (those living through any trauma), a place many want to “help” from. Not the “cleanest” place to offer a leg up from, yet a starting place for many. A certain peace must be made, owning both ends of the spectrum, only then does a human seem more at ease with owning and using soul power well. Otherwise they seem to spew lovely enlightened, feel good quotes, while still exploiting their “loved” ones along. A glossing over with sweet nothings, denying the shadow all such phoniness falls into.

Death, the ultimate challenge to our pre-programmed, false God-like self; a truer God-like self would own their predation with greater peace – as animals and Nature do. Something I have had a bit of experience with. The life lessons that caused me to abandon all human teachings and reach for the solace, congruency and mastery I see the creatures and Nature own this lesson with, and not the lip-service humanity seems to provide.

There is no life without death, no light without darkness, in the middle is balance.

Grief, a most profound shock to the system; years later, one can glean lessons as self grows in mastering self and the refinement of owning power well, a web that spirals deep, holographic connection, through the ages, generations into the future.

There is a place, after much soul transformation, where death of loved ones is no longer a grieved process, but becomes rather, amalgamated soul strength. Nature and homeopathy have help greatly here. I have grieved the loss of my mother, father, a brother, friends, family, and clients, these have paled in comparison to certain animal beings in my life. It does not mean one feels this loss any less, no, in fact perhaps deeper, but a soul strength prevails that allows profound excavation of soul brawn and life experience. This is the best words can convey.

The loss of my mother as a young girl showed me how ill equipped humans handle death, as a pre-programmed race. There is such a shock, such denial, hurry back to work and school and pretend this gaping hole in heart/soul does not exist…bullshit, its there, it is the most unimaginable hurt, you are broken in so many places you know not who you are. I have learned this is not a bad or negative thing, it is life and like a mighty oak you will grow, rooting subterranean in earths’ wisdom, reaching to the heavens like branches in praise, heart and core stout.

That summer, so many years ago, I began working with horses. Long walks on the trails, usually side by side with beloved steeds, this did more for me than most anything I knew to do at the time.

Years later homeopathy cleared blocks/fragments (more miasmic/generational embedded). A great freeing occurred. I found in more ancient/natural ways of healing, a grace and acceptance of this soul challenging life event, than any human explanation could soothe. Soul knowing over came human pre-programming.

A while back, within the span of 4 months, I lost some of my most incredible animal guides, Lena, Yellow Bird and Penny. I was lost without them, as I depended on them so much. When such potent beings depart, one is left to fend for ones self. I found the need to incorporate/amalgamate through osmosis the strengths these beings bring out in me.

Not easy, quite a deep excavation of self, an owning of light of shadow. Something animals are so good at (especially wild ones), this is why they can transition with so much grace compared to humans. I am always in awe of the grace Pachamama and her creatures bestow us. It renews me; it helps extend that no bullshit grace to those that want a feel for this thrown away art of living well, unto the shapeshift of death.

There are a few humans I have met along this way of life, that remember ‘life’ before this incarnation. We recall that original space of full soul/spirit power. Most of us had a hard time making peace with our meat suit. The bodies limits, the deadness of those around us that for what ever reason, cannot remember this space of grace (our time here is temporary). Generally speaking, a pretty dire health crisis brought about resolution. We tend to go about this outside conventional means, as allopathic medicine keeps one in the “not recalling mode”. Its life changing, it opens ones’ eyes to a show humanity puts on, how the masses bite into this bitter apple, and how important it is for most to keep playing what becomes a repulsive game, no matter how grave the consequence.

Many endure the grieving process as blight. It leaves a mark, no doubt, but by the same token, there seems to be a space to grow past what most humans seem fearful of leaving. As somehow getting past the stage of flagellation will diminish their love for the loved ones lost, or somehow they lose some kind of badge of honor in the constant resurrection of the wound left, or some other human default mode of soul sabotage.

There is no set time to grieve, or right or wrong way to do it. It is a very personal and much like war detox, gut wrenching journey to the souls there in. The “stuckness” one sees some souls caught in allows one to “see” the many games humans spin from wounded places. I have not found this among wild beings, or domestic creatures.

If beings allowed the grace of return to soul power (much like creatures do) the shapeshift experience death provides would open the soul to the charity soul power is. All animals know this. Many of us get a “message” up to a year in advance of a loved ones leaving. Spend those days wisely.


There is a space past the victim mode, past the hurt, anger, fear, it surrenders to wisdom greater than our pin-hole human perceptions, it allows, it accepts the spoke in the wheel we are and our part there in. It does not need to know all the answers, they generally take care of themselves, whether we know it, own it or not. That is the benevolence of this planet and universe. It takes care of all life that way, makes sure all have a voice, whether we listen or not.

This is how many creatures endure the horrific conditions we humans term as “love” and still serve us with their body’s and soul, waiting patiently like the Great Mother, Pachaman for her children to wake and live fully as intended, not submitting to the comforts of caged conformity that poisons our children and planet while humanity claims to do good by killing so much life and potential.

This is the bigger picture animals and nature are so good at tapping into…She goes on, She saves us, we don’t save Her, we just need to wake and live wholeheartedly, unfalteringly and without our false fear-based, pin-hole contriving. How many are willing to do that?



Head Trauma – Impacts of Life.

A homeopathic remedy I became endeared to is Acer Pseudoplatanus (Sycamore Seed), it made me aware of the lingering effects wearing braces can leave on the cranium and how this connects to limited mobility of the pelvis, among other stuck states in the mind/energy field.

This remedy has keynote effects for loosening bony structures of the head and pelvis (damage in one reflects in the other –known to body workers and those with an eye for correct movement). When combined with energy/body work such as Cranial/sacral, osteopath, and/or other somatic methods, astounding effects are observed in the body.

As with most homeopathic remedies, Sycamore seed covers a vast array of constitutional ills. I have found it of great value in head trauma/pain inflicted by braces and boney changes the pain and shifting teeth bring about. Teeth are a huge clue to the correct selection of a homeopathic remedy. As this is a right of passage for many youngsters, this is of consideration in detailed case taking.

Even if the tissue has been locked from damage long ago, yes even decades, do not under-estimate original energetic healing arts ability to release frozen structures.

If combined with some sort of somatic work, this remedy greatly aids in releasing calcified pineal glands, restores the rocking of sphenoid bone (which when restored greatly regenerates the pituitaries gland ability to function normally – a gland under great stress in modern times). When these structures regain fluid, light movement it does reflect greatly in the pelvis, where stabilizing structures of the entire body begin restoration. When these structures restore function as intended, a beings entire thought process and volition changes to empowerment from unacknowledged entrapment. We have no idea the level to which we are dumbed-down to fit a model.

The fore mentioned gives witness human beings suffer; in horses this damage is exasperated  by bits/head controlling devices and weighted spines, the transformation original healing methods act as a catalyst for, leaves me awestruck. So many levels, so many cases, this blog is such a short, condensed synopsis of what is and can be.

While the remedy Sycamore Seed has proven its worth in the horse world, the compounded damage done by head gear, so called “training methods” and riders (the horses’ spine is not a weight bearing mechanism, no matter what humans tell themselves). We will examine another often needed remedy so folks can get a deeper appreciation when a “non-verbal” being endures head trauma.


Vision dimmed and darkened, longs for light, feels better for light. Hallucinations, flashes/sparks of light, distorted vision, cannot trust what is seen.

A cacophony of noise, sound is harsh, metallic sounding in the ear. Cannot trust what is heard.

Painful headaches, tendency to fall forward, to the left, vertigo – often given some sort of “neurological diagnosis” in the horse world, but meds don’t seem to touch the desperately lonely and frightful place this beings finds himself in, let alone offer relief of the physical ailing – and yet the beast will be asked to carry the weight of the rider and their whims.

Violent pain in left hip, bands of fascia taunt and painful, limiting movement, causing trembling and twitching of tendons, giving way to a staggering gait.

When pushed too far this being will react violently, it really has no choice. In the horse world and its acceptable “training” methods – chains, whips, severe bits coupled with “lip chains” will often be the answer to the horses’ explosive behavior. Such measures will only fuel the violent head and nerve pain these beings feel, till they explode from the violence of their distress (convulsions, biting, striking), as human counter measures only lead to more torment within the suffering creature. Too many cases, too much insanity caused by our egomania, this is why I really can’t bear to watch horse “sport” anymore – too much glossing over of too many signs that should be heeded.


Welcome to “love” in the horse world, welcome inside the body of a being in need of the remedy Stramonium (the above only covers a small portion of what this remedy embodies). This homeopathic wonder has ameliorated trauma in horses, children with autism, those with war damage and much more.

In homeopathy the cause may be severe beatings, as many horses endure as part of training (less common, but still the “norm” in many barns), vaccine damage as many children/pets now suffer (inflammation of brain and spinal cord) or war trauma as our world collapses under the weight of which government is “right”.

The diagnosis is a name, it is often not considerate of origin or an individual’s interpretation/expression of “dis-ease”. The correct homeopathic remedy represents a complete picture. That is why knowing the remedies like a dear friend is key, that is why working with a homeopath that knows these nuances is paramount. It is not a case of “the diagnose is (fill in the blank) – what is the remedy?” It is necessary to give consideration and time to proper case taking and details conventional medicine has no time for under the masses and schedules modern life deludes us to believe necessary.

The remedy Stam often clears an acute layer, then deeper acting remedies for the spinal cord most likely will be needed (in the case of horses), then the constitutional layer will finally appear, in humans the unfolding of the case may be a bit different. Only the body knows the speed at which the layers are ready for release, also why one session in this day and age of generations of suppression, barely scratch the surface of decades/generations of damage.

As the mind and calcified sutures of the skull release, new learning and re-learning is inevitable. Any learning the being accrued before damage was done, with many gaps and mis-firings of the brain and nerve synapses (quite literally, holes in the mind as many intuitives sense) as these structures/functions release and fill in, it is quite common to have the being experience “a short period of refreshing of past lessons,” a state of relearning on a deeper and more solid foundation, resulting in very secure being.

Taking time in this step of the journey is of great importance, allow ego, agenda and time to be of no relevance. A neck rope/cordero, from the ground, will be a great asset when rehabbing such damage in the horse. It will cause the hubris of human knowledge a powerful rebalance. Putting the manipulative opposable thumbs away and asking for correct movement from your core will allow the horse to find its own balance and clear movement not induced by “know it all” human impositions that only mess with the horses head and dull this powerful beings’ presence and wisdom. The human should pause and reflect, to have an appreciation for “particulars”, to be mindful in interactions, to see and not look, to listen and not just hear. We dumb everything down with our “pinhole intentions”, lead with integrity and a greater impartial wisdom prevails for all beings and the planet.

Head trauma is truly an extraordinary journey to unravel. It is often dismissed and the being suffering the consequence left to an intangible mess in their scrambled minds that can barely be made sense of, more so in our hurry up and pander to self satisfying ego driven world. Slow down, listen, there are no wasted lessons in this life.

For those individuals that suffer the severe impact of head trauma (motorcycle, car, industrial, sports, etc.), the initial daze experienced in the hospital can become a life long reality, those lucky enough to have a host of energetic interventions can clear such fogs much more quickly. Acute remedies can mitigate so much concussive damage, Reiki, Cranial Sacral, somatic work all have a place and so often help those in traumatic brain injury regain speech, movement, cognition and more. This can be an intensive and long process. After the acute remedies, it is wise to continue course till the constitutional layer is unveiled for the sustainable power of the being to shine through. The results are worth it!












Head Trauma – From the beginning.

Forceps damage, babe pulled into this world.  Not allowed to choose the day of birth, as seasoned mid-wives know a child’s right to be (matriarchal creatures such horses’ know this too). A crushing start to life, dented heads – “they’ll” be just fine, another medical convenience. Cast off the consequence, modern man’s ways.

This has been a tangible start for many, in years gone by. With homeopathy, carefully chosen remedies can address the emotional/mental state the mother was in during gestation (original healing methods know this affects the babe). Also, remedies can address disconnects invitro conceived babes suffer, as well as invasions caused by ultrasounds, vaccines and a host of other new methods that leave their mark on developing lives. But this is often too complex an issue for many to wrap their heads around, a topic to be discussed some other time. We will focus on forceps damage for now.

The timid child, labeled “slow”, worse for noise, does best alone, perhaps enrolled in some sort of “therapy” to bring them along. In their “slowness”, perception of “time” slows way down. The child begins to “perceive knowings” others are too rushed to take in. A new awareness grows in this child, others have been conditioned to “dismiss”.

Many decades later, the cathartic awakenings homeopathy brings – a dull ache on the left hemisphere of the brain, the place the forceps dented so long ago. Not a headache, but a steady thud of persistent heaviness, the unacknowledged damage that marred and fogged the mind for too long. The grace the constitutional remedy brings, reconciling and releasing the injury the babe only new as “normal”.

After a short aggravation of dull ache, the thought process quickens, a feeling of mental upgrades as senses receive and process a hunger for wisdom and life experience. Chaotic family and human life circumstance, a solace found only in nature where these newly heightened senses serve living.

The gift of feel (the good, the bad, allowed in a solid foundation of “contentment” and a knowing nothing is ever what it seems), senses expand, the child feels the eyes of wild beings upon her, the bow wave of the raptors, long before they are seen, skills of each sharpen each other; the feeling of wholeness, purpose (without imposition), completeness, a return to ecstatic Soul grace and potency.

The gift being fully awake brings.