Sand, Time, Tide, Balance

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I love my long meditative walks on the beach. Right along the surf line, it brings peace and balance.

Walking to the surf line, the sand is deep and gives way under bare feet. Feel sinew, muscle and nerve make unperceivable shifts to accommodate cadence so one can carry on. It’s a bit of a struggle at first, till you stop fighting the shifting sand and allow it to play with your gait, and you play with its shifting ways, then it becomes a gift to greater awareness and equilibrium. The warmth of the sand welcomes your footsteps and draws out toxins. You feel the release of tension held in the tissues of your feet, breath deepens as your diaphragm pulls the salty sea air deep into your lungs, you unburden, on many levels.

At the surf line, the sand cools and hardens under foot. No longer shifting under your weight, but rather eroding to the rhythm of the waves; each wave in, pushes, each wave out, pulls. The sand beneath your feet polished, the water gently shifting body weight to and fro, more unperceivable corrections as you slowly and respectfully settle into the soft chant the waves offer, your breath keeps time. Another world opens, the coming and going of watercolor memories, taking on new meaning, deeper insights as sea water and water with us sing their ancient song, slipping grief into amalgamated soul strength. The feet slow, contact with the sand and sea linger a bit longer, connection to the Pachamama and all the nurture She offers, a deep peace settles.

You look up and see dolphins, seals, sea birds, and the occasional spout of seasonal travels of whales. The sea mist rolls off the crashing waves, the air smells of healing, cleansing sea…despite Fukushima and many other human issues, the rhythm of life drums on. The heart rests and takes solace in the wonder. The sun feels warm, like a soothing hug on your shoulders, thoughts wonder to the ethers, no words, just requiem awe. There really isn’t anything more you need.


Balance boards, stability pads, homeopathy, nervine herbs, body and energy work, all help heal a host of brain trauma and neurological issues. Certain terrain can provide the same. Reprogramming tissues and opening new neurological pathways. Just like riding horses (as per the HorseBoy Method) rocks the hips (reflects and releases the skull) of those with autism to release the feel good hormone oxytocin; reconnecting to Spirit, reclaiming of birthright, opening new awareness. What happens to the skull (and its internal structures), reflects in the pelvis and feet and visa versa. What a gift walking with ponies and on the beach brings.