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The Osprey, Sea Eagle, always shows herself when I walk the Labyrinth at the Neighborhood Church.

We have such lovely chats, she is a skilled hunter. She only takes what she needs, with precision and grace. She spends time in contemplation and  gratitude. May we all do the same the this beautiful Blue Moon.

Blog – Ego Detox

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Ego Detox, Judgment and Discernment


Ego dies a most horrible death. It will need its own detoxing, let alone that of the body.


We humans tie a great deal of worth to employment, position and the image portrayed to the rest of humanity (compensated states). Folks that have spent decades in careers that disappeared over the last few years, exposed the death defying learning process this is for human beings and the empowerment such beings learn after a period of ascertaining, valuing self from a soul level. For some taking a year or two, that is how long this detox/learning process can be when not clouded by additional layers of chemical addictions (Chemical detox alone will bring huge changes to a being, everyday, month and year that passes without the chemical addition. Those still needing socially acceptable numbing have no reference point to soul empowerment sans vice – it just is, the body cannot lie).


This is not something one “fixes”. The fix lies in undoing the patterns that got self into such positions, it is deep soul work. Most humans are so addicted to this generational fed pattern; they cannot see life outside this fool-hearted game and choose these self-limiting ways. It is very sad.


The homeopathic remedy Veratrum Album covers an extreme version of this “loss of position”. This remedy embodies the most cunning and extreme behavior, often hiding behind a mask of “religious righteousness/fanaticism” to attain survival at all costs (Delusion: God communication with, he is in).  Other rubrics include Restlessness, Loquacity, Liar, Deceitful, Squanders Money, Extravagance, and Shameless. There is a ruthlessness about this state that can be unnerving to witness.


In this state of extreme unbalance, those needing this remedy can often crucify those closest to them and completely, haughtily and shamelessly justify their actions; planted insights, volition not coming from self, to the extent of feigning illness to get what they want (a rubric in a few other remedies). A very dictatorial condition, those closest to them often describe them as “little Hitler’s”. A study of familial patterns will reveal this root/wound, running through several generations, seeking reconciliation.


The viciousness, with which this state can affect those closest, will often cause those marred by their actions to sever relations. Setting defined boundaries with this constitutional type can provoke impious reactions, or a dismissal with anyone that questions their egomania or motives.


As a handful of other homeopathic constitutions, omitting information vital to case taking is part of the overall picture. Strangely, the world is small place and getting smaller all the time, soul-knowingly, these folks will often weave an unforeseen web of accountability in other ways to point the homeopath. Such is the benevolence of the universe. Seems the planet cannot support our contriving any longer.


This is one of many constitutions that will have to bottom out, in health, career, family, finances and more, before the pieces of soul worth come together. Many will not. It seems ironic that in such an age, chemical alteration abounds and most choose the chaos of this familiar default mode, than to allow their soul potency to shine through and have a chance at a life they only dreamed of. One sees the offspring of alcoholic families seeking relief of these damaging family patterns in over prescribed meds, when homeopathy would address such soul aching mutilations with much more efface, but such spins the world we humans made.


When those in need of Ver. Alb. find balance, they can be quite joyful and uplifting to be around. Such is the counterpoise that can be found with homeopathy, provided such folks have the volition to seek release of entrapment of their “Veratrum Album” ways, or which ever remedy the individual needs.


This deeper look at one of many addictive patterns is close to home for many. It can be something completely missed, so cleverly hidden, so needed for families/societies/industries to “function”. A blueprint that will clearly trace back generations, and becomes easy to spot as it often abuses those closest (quite a few remedies address this pattern).


These methods of dysfunction operate through family and culture, no surprise industries carry-over similar malfunctions. Themes run through our lives, we can also see them in the environments we grow up and live in. Quite an eye opener when the delusion breaks, always thank the ones that help you grow into your soul potential.


In horse sport, multiple examples of the excess of the sycotic miasm, the destruction of the syphillic miasm abound; starting horses too young (soft bones enduring life long damage), running/showing in the midday heat of summer (while all other wild beings know this is time to “conserve” energy), a myriad of head/spine trauma inducing saddles, bridles and bits and yet, the horses so graciously give of themselves, humans always wanting more, ego doing damage at the expense of the physical self. Good hearted people stand by and say/do nothing because of the inability to self advocate of the cancer miasm – or worse yet, live under these driving mechanisms and unknowing believe they are “doing good”, while witnessing the useless death of so many young beings and somehow in their minds – justifying.


So many horses die at American race tracks, so many “unwanted” foals are born so their mothers can “wet nurse” the babes of mares deemed “expensive”, most of these beings suffer morose ends, as many show horses, slaughtered as a final thank you for all they gave for human ego at shows and racetracks. And still the game is played, because society is addicted; fill a hole that never fills, not yet weaned to stand on their own two feet.


Point such obvious incongruence out, and one gets labeled “judgmental”, because deeper homeopathic knowing is taken as an insult to the existence mistaken for a life. What is not known to the masses, are countless homeopathic soul journeys endured with many beings, that brings such well hidden and destructive patterns to attention and resolution. This is impartial observation at its best, yet labeled “judgmental” by those still stuck in unseen patterns so detrimental to life. Once freed from this hidden snare, there is no getting sucked down into these soul limiting games again.


One has to cut the “cord”, often beginning with those closest to self, to end the subtle and expected abuse such deeply hidden patterns exploit from. Only then, can such discernment even be observed impartially. It is an awakening and owning of self tendencies that one acknowledges its part in the whole of this game. It is a way for both parties to become weaned and stand on their own two feet. Everything is the opposite end of the same coin, in the middle, balance is found.


Those screaming “judgment” are often still stuck in these patterns, not yet matured in Spirit, to stop such damaging ego games needing justification. I love this aspect of homeopathy. I will cause an individual to cease feeding games society deems necessary. So much needless anguish becomes non-existence. A whole new normal needs to emerge once such exploitation of self stops. This is true empowerment and it is just delicious to observe. No longer the need to put a band-aid on a gunshot wound, it stops the trigger from being pulled.





Blog – Accountability





Something has been churning in my head for months now. It’s the paragraph in Alexander Nevzorov’s book “Tractate on a School Mount” regarding an old manuscript:


“Transcribers of these copies did not bother themselves with copying the long “horse” related chapters, limiting their copying only to those fragments where there were mystical or cabalistic revelations of the authors or “mystical Templar”.


Why leave those chapters out? It’s been haunting me since I read this paragraph. Sure enough, life experience brings it home.


We are a society born addicted and don’t even know it, so well hidden is this miasm, it seems a normal operating pattern. The games humanity plays to secure its “fix” are quite established and these destructive patterns of “normality” leaves the masses unaware in self-limiting games we are engaging in.


The book “When a Society Becomes an Addict” by Anne Wilson Schaef brings home this point. A deep and never ending study of homeopathic miasmic patterns also give greater perspective to unknowing, fall back, default modes most humans unconsciously engage in, no matter how destructive and repetitive the results. Quite a drug layer we are working through, and don’t even know it.


As people awaken from such deep sleep illusion, new patterns must be learned. It is why working “low and slow” with certain remedies is paramount. Waking too quickly for most is dangerous. It will cause a blowback of very destructive long held patterns to explode, the being unable to navigate life, without those long held, abusive patterns, to self, then to all others. This is a case not generally encountered when working with beings other than the two-leggeds.


Many years and many cases give perspicacity to observation of working through such patterns and human domestication, to a clearer state; another layer that will no doubt bring its own consequence, but one that considers the “whole” more than the pin-hole perspective we humans hold as gospel, this alone can diffuse much consequence.


Humans are skilled at playing many games that feed ego, materialistic needs and other self-centeredness, through such false precepts. Never worry about repayment, or how much is owed, only taking more for an unfilled void.


Patterns so reminiscent of my father’s finagling ways, contriving and conniving creature comforts, while life provides them just the samethe irony.


It is working through their delusion, perpetuating pain, blaming others, while mouthing enlightening quotes. Accountability, up in the air, keep things scattered so one can keep playing those patterns, from childhood. The point where many cases are lost, the old ways so hard to give death to; yet for those that do, finally peace is found to work from true soul potency rather than games of ploy, expectation or coercion.


Accountability, the chapters lost, Holy books picking and choosing what to leave in, what to leave out. The same addictive game humans have long played, leaving the potency of soul out, the treachery of ego unchecked paramount.


That paragraph in that book disturbed my soul deeply, because as folks work through these addictive layers, accountability is paramount to true soul potency. A web Nature weaves for all other beings, minus the foolish infant being that considers themselves above all other life forms.


The lengthy chapters about the horse omitted, shattered my heart. I just now realized – the holy books written without those chapters, left no accountability to the Natural World, or to our Natural Self. This should have been Humanities ultimate accountability factor (the web that keeps us in check) – we threw it away, so ego can have its way, raping the Natural World, just as we exploit the goodness of our Natural Self.


When Pinky came along, I knew he was the horse that would return me to the dreaming I had of horses as a child. The white horse of long ago, in my mind, rode straight and true, sans tack, coercion, before the “real’ horses came along. I realized the amount of garbage programmed on my soul. I made a conscious choice not to use coercion/retaliation anymore (it can be so normal and subtle – scolded when not employed in the horse world and else where). The gift of treating him and Penny as equals, not having to bear my burden on their backs, freed  me in ways I had no idea I was bound, so cleverly and generational has the yoke been bound. Shame us on us for such a sell out, such a petty delusion.


Enter Belle, a year later, the bottoms of her feet just starting to cup. The hind hooves are just about normal; the front hooves still have a ways to go. Via our soul to soul conversations, I do believe “good human intention” crippled her early on. I don’t believe this poor girl ever knew correct movement, let alone had anyone allowed her the grace of finding her own voice, volition or strengths. WE impose our skewed “normal” on everything we touch, whether we admit it, or not. This is why many mares are labeled “aloof” – they emit an air of un-touch-ability about them, because we subtly abuse their goodness so and consider it our right. They know us better, than we know ourselves.


For a year she has had the right to sovereignty, to discover movement, her body and volition (how many of us have that gift?). For all the crippling work done to her tiny front feet – no “professional” noted how lame that right hind was. Her first few steps always bobble, but walk like a nomad she can. So there we start and leave her to find her art, a Goddess she is, in her own right.


She had had enough of peoples knowing and I agreed. Certain toxicities removed her healing speeded. It took a while, but I will not forget the day she finally came over to just “hang out and talk”, gave my soul solace. We have deep talks now about her ever changing body, what is felt, how to proceed. This respectful, meaningful and embodied communion in discreet solitude changes us both, in ways we never saw coming, and it is so good.


A very light weekly rasping of her feet, keeps her moving in grace. Less needs to be shaped each week, less as time moves on, balance her body and feet seek, as Nature always does. It always makes me cringe when I think of horses hooves locked in iron, waiting weeks/months for balance…knowing how such marginal, little trims keep so much in balance and soundness. Yet most horses are doped and urged with whip and spur to move on, the rider aboard dead to the real gifts this beast bears for them, no matter how “natural” we fool ourselves into believing are coercive ways are.


And so a new name she received (my creatures get many new names) – Aurora, the new Dawn. She is so graceful and bestows unending soul growth to me. I can no longer place myself above her or any other being. Accountability to Nature, the whole, abandon the pin-hole perspective, resurgence of an Ancient system to keep us in check. It is not the patronizing noise that comes out of our mouths, it is consecrated action that proves itself and needs no noise…that is true soul worth and work. It leaves a pool of peace in its wake, not the false chaos we know as our daily “norm”.